Does school mode drain Apple Watch battery?

Answered by Jason Smith

After conducting extensive testing and reviewing various user experiences, I have come to the conclusion that school mode, or the school time mode, does not drain the battery life of an Apple Watch. This feature is specifically designed to limit distractions during school hours by disabling certain features, such as notifications and app access. However, it does not significantly impact the battery life.

From my personal experience and the feedback I have received, the battery drain issue that some users may experience while at school is likely due to poor cellular reception within the school premises. When the Apple Watch is unable to establish a strong cellular connection, it constantly searches for signal, which can lead to excessive battery drain.

In situations where the cellular reception is weak or non-existent, the Apple Watch may continuously attempt to connect to the network, resulting in increased power consumption. This constant searching for signal can put a strain on the battery and cause it to drain faster than usual.

To mitigate this issue, one possible solution is to enable airplane mode on the Apple Watch while at school. This will disable all wireless connections, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, preventing the watch from constantly searching for a signal. By doing so, the battery life should improve significantly during school hours.

It’s important to note that enabling airplane mode will disable certain features that rely on wireless connectivity, such as receiving calls or notifications, accessing apps that require internet connectivity, and using the Apple Watch as a remote control for other devices. However, this trade-off may be worth it if preserving battery life is a priority during school hours.

School mode itself does not drain the battery life of an Apple Watch. Instead, poor cellular reception in the school premises may lead to excessive battery drain as the watch constantly searches for signal. Enabling airplane mode while at school can help alleviate this issue and extend the battery life.