How much does it cost to tap a keg?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Tapping a keg typically involves two main components – the tap itself and the keg tub. These items are commonly rented from the same locations that sell kegs. However, it’s important to note that some resellers may include the tap and tub rental as part of the keg price.

The rental fee for a tap is usually around $10 on average. This fee covers the cost of renting the tap for a specific period of time, typically for the duration of the keg rental. Taps are essential for dispensing the beer from the keg, so they are often required when renting a keg.

Similarly, the rental fee for a keg tub is typically around $6 on average. The keg tub is used to keep the keg cold and prevent it from warming up too quickly. This is important as warm beer is generally not desirable. The tub is filled with ice, and the keg is placed inside to keep it chilled throughout the event or gathering.

It’s worth mentioning that the rental fees for taps and tubs may vary depending on the location and the specific rental policies of the reseller. Some places may charge slightly more or less than the average rental fees mentioned above. Additionally, some resellers may offer package deals where the tap and tub rental is included in the overall keg price. This can be convenient for customers as it simplifies the rental process and ensures that all necessary equipment is provided.

In my personal experience, when I rented a keg for a party, I had to pay an additional fee for both the tap and the tub. The rental fees were similar to the average prices mentioned earlier. However, I have also come across resellers who included the tap and tub rental in the keg price, which made the overall cost more affordable and convenient.

To summarize, the average rental fee for a tap is around $10, while the average rental fee for a keg tub is approximately $6. However, it’s important to check with the specific reseller for their rental policies and pricing, as these may vary. Some resellers may include the tap and tub rental as part of the keg price, which can provide added convenience and potentially lower overall costs for customers.