How much does it cost to build a faux fireplace?

Answered by James Kissner

Building a faux fireplace can be a great way to add warmth and ambiance to your home without the need for a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace. Faux fireplaces are often made using prefabricated electric fireplace units, which come in a variety of styles and price ranges.

The cost of building a faux fireplace will depend on several factors, including the style of the fireplace unit, the materials used for the surround, and whether or not you choose to hire a professional for installation. On average, prefabricated electric fireplace models can cost anywhere from $500 to $4,000 installed.

When it comes to the style of the fireplace unit, there are many options to choose from. Some units are designed to be mounted on a wall, while others are made to be inserted into an existing fireplace opening or built into a custom surround. The cost of the unit itself will vary depending on the size, features, and brand.

In terms of materials for the surround, there are a wide range of options available. You can choose to build a surround using wood, stone, brick, or even tile. The cost of these materials will vary depending on the quality and type of material you choose. Keep in mind that if you choose to hire a professional to build the surround, the cost will increase to include labor.

If you decide to hire a professional for installation, the cost will depend on their rates and the complexity of the installation. Some electric fireplace units can be easily installed by a homeowner, while others may require professional expertise. It’s important to factor in the cost of installation when budgeting for your faux fireplace project.

In addition to the initial cost of building a faux fireplace, it’s also important to consider ongoing costs. Electric fireplaces use electricity to generate heat and simulate the look of a real fire. Therefore, you can expect to see an increase in your electricity bill if you use your faux fireplace frequently. However, electric fireplaces are generally more energy-efficient than traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces.

Building a faux fireplace can be a cost-effective way to add beauty and warmth to your home. By choosing a prefabricated electric fireplace unit and selecting materials for the surround that fit within your budget, you can create a stunning focal point in your living space without breaking the bank.