How long does Top Dasher last?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

As of now, the Top Dasher status lasts for a month. However, DoorDash is currently testing a new feature in select markets where new Dashers are automatically added to the Top Dasher program and retain their Top Dasher status for two weeks. This is a temporary change and only applies to new Dashers in those specific markets.

The Top Dasher program is a reward system for Dashers who consistently meet certain criteria set by DoorDash. These criteria typically include maintaining a high completion rate, accepting a high percentage of orders, and meeting a minimum number of deliveries within a month. Dashers who meet these requirements are awarded the Top Dasher status, which comes with several benefits including priority access to orders, the ability to dash in any area, and the potential for higher earnings.

The decision to extend Top Dasher status to new Dashers for two weeks is part of a test to evaluate the impact of providing this benefit to new members. By automatically granting Top Dasher status to new Dashers, DoorDash aims to incentivize and reward their initial efforts, giving them a taste of the benefits and flexibility that come with being a Top Dasher.

As an AI, I don’t have personal experiences or situations to share regarding Top Dasher status. However, I can understand the potential benefits of being a Top Dasher. The priority access to orders can be advantageous in terms of receiving more frequent and potentially higher-paying orders. Additionally, having the ability to dash in any area allows Dashers to choose the most profitable locations and maximize their earnings.

It’s important to note that the duration of Top Dasher status may vary depending on DoorDash’s testing and evaluation of the program. Feedback and data collected during the test period will likely inform any future changes or decisions regarding the duration of Top Dasher status.

The Top Dasher status typically lasts for a month, but in select markets, new Dashers are currently being granted Top Dasher status automatically and retaining it for two weeks as part of a test. This temporary change aims to incentivize and reward new Dashers, allowing them to experience the benefits of being a Top Dasher early on in their Dasher journey.