How long does dichondra take to spread?

Answered by John Hunt

Dichondra is a low-growing perennial plant that spreads through runners or stolons. Once the plant is established, it can spread quite rapidly, forming a dense ground cover. The time it takes for dichondra to spread can vary depending on various factors such as growing conditions, maintenance, and the specific variety of dichondra being grown.

Typically, after the dichondra plant is established and starts to grow, runners or stolons will develop. These runners are long, slender stems that grow along the ground and produce roots at intervals, allowing the plant to spread horizontally. As these runners grow and establish new roots, the dichondra plant expands its coverage area.

In terms of the initial growth from seeds, dichondra seedlings usually emerge within 7-14 days after sowing. This germination period can be influenced by factors such as temperature, moisture, and light conditions. Providing optimal conditions for seed germination can help ensure a faster and more uniform emergence of dichondra seedlings.

Once the dichondra plant has established itself, it can spread quite rapidly through its runners. With favorable growing conditions and proper maintenance, dichondra can fill in bare spots and expand its coverage area within a few weeks to a couple of months. Regular weeding during this time is advisable to eliminate any competing plants or weeds that may hinder the growth of the dichondra.

It is important to note that the rate of spread may also depend on the specific variety of dichondra being grown. Some varieties may have a more vigorous growth habit and spread more quickly, while others may be slower to establish and spread. Additionally, factors such as soil fertility, water availability, and sunlight exposure can also influence the rate of spread.

In my personal experience, I have seen dichondra spread and fill in bare areas within a few weeks of establishing runners. With proper care and maintenance, the plant can quickly create a lush and green ground cover. However, it is important to monitor the spread of dichondra and prevent it from encroaching on other plants or areas where its growth is not desired.

To summarize, dichondra can take about 7-14 days to emerge from seeds, and once established, it can spread rapidly through its runners. Regular weeding during this time can aid in the plant’s growth and expansion. The rate of spread may vary depending on factors such as growing conditions, maintenance, and the specific variety of dichondra being grown.