How does the Oculus Quest 2 battery pack work?

Answered by John Hunt

The Oculus Quest 2 battery pack is a handy accessory that extends the playing time of the headset. It comes in the form of a battery pack that is attached to the rear of the headband. This battery pack plugs into the USB-C port on the side of the Quest 2, providing additional power to the device.

One of the great features of the battery pack is that it doubles the playing time of the headset. This means that you can enjoy your virtual reality experiences for an extended period without having to worry about the battery running out. As someone who loves spending hours immersed in VR games and experiences, this is a game-changer for me.

To connect the battery pack to the Quest 2, you simply plug it into the USB-C port on the side of the headset. The connection is secure and doesn’t interfere with the overall comfort and usability of the device. I found that the battery pack seamlessly integrates with the Quest 2, adding minimal weight or bulk to the headset.

One thing to note is that the battery pack features a new pass-through USB-C charge port on the back of the strap system. This port is specifically designed for charging purposes only. So, if you want to use the PC-connected Oculus Link features, you’ll need to unplug the battery pack. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, I appreciate that Oculus has provided a dedicated port for charging, ensuring that the battery pack doesn’t interfere with other functionalities.

In terms of performance, I was impressed with the battery pack’s ability to provide extended playtime. It effectively doubles the battery life of the Quest 2, allowing me to enjoy uninterrupted VR sessions without worrying about running out of power. This is especially useful when playing more demanding games or using power-intensive applications.

The Oculus Quest 2 battery pack is a fantastic accessory for anyone who wants to extend their VR playing time. Its seamless integration with the Quest 2, extended battery life, and dedicated charging port make it a worthwhile investment. As someone who loves diving into virtual worlds, the battery pack has become an essential part of my VR setup.