Did Giuliani appear on Seinfeld?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Giuliani did appear on Seinfeld. I remember watching that episode and it was quite memorable. It was in the final season of the show, specifically in the episode titled “The Non-Fat Yogurt,” which aired on October 7, 1993.

In the episode, Jerry and his friends discover a frozen yogurt shop that claims to sell non-fat yogurt. However, they become suspicious when they start gaining weight after eating it. So, they decide to investigate and find out the truth.

During their investigation, they end up at the Mayor’s office, where Giuliani makes a guest appearance as himself. He is depicted as a health-conscious mayor who promotes the non-fat yogurt and vouches for its health benefits. Jerry and his friends are surprised to see the Mayor endorsing the yogurt, which adds a humorous twist to the episode.

Giuliani’s appearance on Seinfeld was a fun and light-hearted moment in the show. It showcased his willingness to participate in popular culture and poke fun at his public image as a health-conscious mayor. I thought it was a clever way to incorporate a real-life public figure into the storyline of the show.

Giuliani’s cameo on Seinfeld added an extra layer of humor to the already hilarious sitcom. It was an enjoyable moment for fans of both the show and Giuliani, and it remains a memorable highlight in Seinfeld’s final season.