Why Itachi is better than Sasuke?

Answered by John Hunt

While some may argue that Sasuke with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan surpassed Itachi in terms of power, it is important to recognize that Itachi was still the superior fighter with a wider range of jutsu and tactical abilities. Here are some reasons why Itachi is considered better than Sasuke:

1. Variety of Jutsu: Itachi possessed an extensive repertoire of jutsu, ranging from genjutsu to ninjutsu and even summoning techniques. His mastery over the Sharingan allowed him to effectively use genjutsu to manipulate his opponents’ perception and control their actions. Sasuke, on the other hand, primarily relied on his powerful fire-based jutsu and lightning techniques. While impressive, Sasuke’s jutsu arsenal was more limited compared to Itachi’s.

2. Strategic Thinking: Itachi was known for his exceptional strategic thinking and ability to plan several steps ahead. He was a master at manipulating his enemies and always seemed to be steps ahead of them. He carefully calculated his moves and anticipated his opponents’ actions, making him incredibly difficult to defeat. In contrast, Sasuke often relied more on his raw power and emotions, sometimes acting impulsively without thoroughly considering the consequences.

3. Intelligence and Analytical Skills: Itachi was highly intelligent and possessed exceptional analytical skills. He was able to quickly assess his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to adapt his strategies accordingly. Itachi’s intelligence and ability to gather information made him a formidable adversary. While Sasuke certainly had his moments of strategic brilliance, Itachi consistently demonstrated his superior intelligence throughout the series.

4. Mastery of Genjutsu: Itachi was a master of genjutsu, particularly his signature technique, Tsukuyomi. This genjutsu allowed him to trap his opponents in an illusionary world of his creation, subjecting them to intense mental and physical torture. Sasuke, on the other hand, had limited proficiency in genjutsu and mainly relied on his other abilities to overpower his opponents. Itachi’s mastery of genjutsu gave him a significant advantage in battles.

5. Sacrifices for the Greater Good: Itachi’s character was defined by his willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good. Despite being burdened with the responsibility of annihilating his own clan, he ultimately did so to prevent a potential civil war and protect the village. Itachi’s selflessness and dedication to his mission showcased his strength of character. While Sasuke went through his own journey of redemption, Itachi’s sacrifice and noble intentions set him apart.

It is important to note that while Itachi may be considered better than Sasuke in terms of overall skill and abilities, Sasuke’s growth and development throughout the series should not be understated. He had his own unique strengths and ultimately became a formidable shinobi in his own right.