What to do with newborn puppies at night?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

When it comes to taking care of newborn puppies at night, creating a warm and comfortable environment is crucial. One option is to prepare a small box for them, lined with soft blankets. This will provide a cozy space for them to sleep and feel secure. In addition to the blankets, using a heating lamp can help maintain a suitable temperature for the puppies.

However, it’s important to be cautious with the heating lamp. Place it at a fair distance from the box to ensure that the environment does not become too hot. Puppies are very sensitive to temperature, so it’s crucial to monitor the heat and make adjustments if necessary. Overheating can be dangerous for the puppies and may lead to health issues.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a heating lamp, you can use a heating pad. Place the heating pad underneath the blankets in the box, ensuring that it is well-covered. This will provide a source of warmth for the puppies. Just remember to check the temperature of the heating pad regularly to prevent it from becoming too hot and potentially causing burns.

In both cases, keeping the box in a quiet and dimly lit area can help create a soothing environment for the puppies. Newborn puppies need plenty of rest, and a calm setting can promote better sleep.

If you have multiple puppies, it’s important to provide enough space for each of them in the box. Crowding can lead to discomfort and stress, so ensure that they have enough room to move around and stretch out.

When it comes to feeding, it’s best to follow the mother dog’s natural instincts. If the mother is present and caring for the puppies, allow her to nurse them as needed throughout the night. If the mother is not available or unable to nurse, consult a veterinarian for guidance on feeding the puppies safely and appropriately.

Creating a warm and comfortable environment for newborn puppies at night is essential for their well-being. Whether using a heating lamp and blankets or a heating pad, it’s important to monitor the temperature and ensure the puppies’ safety. Providing a quiet and dimly lit space can also contribute to a peaceful sleep for the puppies. Remember to consult a veterinarian for any specific concerns or questions regarding the care of newborn puppies.