How do you honor a deceased child at a wedding?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Losing a child is an unimaginable pain, and honoring their memory at your wedding is a beautiful way to keep their spirit alive. Here are some ways you can honor a deceased child at your wedding:

1. Display a photo: Set up a special table or display where you can place a framed photo of your child. This will allow your guests to see and remember them throughout the celebration.

2. Include their name: Incorporate your child’s name into your wedding ceremony or reception in a meaningful way. You can have their name embroidered on a handkerchief, included in a memorial candle, or engraved on a special piece of jewelry.

3. Dedicate a song: Choose a song that holds special meaning for you and your child, and have it played during the ceremony or as a tribute later in the evening. This will create a poignant moment for remembrance.

4. Reserve a seat: Leave an empty seat or place a special sign on a chair to signify that it is reserved for your child. This serves as a visual representation of their presence and allows your guests to acknowledge their absence.

5. Release balloons or doves: Plan a moment during your wedding where you release balloons or doves in honor of your child. This can be a symbolic gesture of letting go and sending love to your little one.

6. Share a poem or letter: If you feel comfortable, share a poem or letter written to or about your child. This can be read aloud during the ceremony or privately shared with your closest loved ones.

7. Wear a remembrance item: Incorporate a special item into your wedding attire that represents your child. It could be a piece of jewelry, a locket with their photo, or a charm attached to your bouquet.

8. Support a charity: Instead of traditional wedding favors, consider making a donation to a charity in memory of your child. This allows you to give back and create a positive impact in their honor.

9. Light a memorial candle: Include a special moment in your ceremony or reception where you light a memorial candle in memory of your child. This can be a beautiful and symbolic way to remember them throughout the day.

10. Include their favorite things: Incorporate elements into your wedding that were meaningful to your child. It could be their favorite flowers in the floral arrangements, their favorite color in the decor, or their favorite dessert on the menu.

11. Create a memory table: Set up a table with photos, mementos, and keepsakes that represent your child’s life. This can serve as a tribute and a place for guests to reflect and remember.

12. Share their story: If you feel comfortable, share your child’s story with your guests. This can be done through a speech, a written tribute in the program, or a slideshow during the reception. It allows your loved ones to understand and connect with your child’s legacy.

13. Hold a moment of silence: Dedicate a moment during the ceremony or reception to have a collective moment of silence in honor of your child. This can be a powerful way to acknowledge their absence and reflect on their impact on your lives.

Remember, every person and every situation is unique, so choose the ways that feel most personal and meaningful to you. Your child’s memory will be cherished and honored, and their spirit will be present on your special day.