How do I get to the sand area in Stardew Valley?

Answered by James Kissner

To access the sand area in Stardew Valley, also known as the Calico Desert, you first need to repair the Bus Stop. There are two ways to do this: by purchasing all of the Vault Bundles or by buying the Joja Community Development Form.

1. Repairing the Bus Stop through the Vault Bundles:
– The Vault Bundles are a set of community center bundles that require a variety of items to complete.
– To access the Vault Bundles, you need to complete all of the other bundles in the Community Center first.
– The Vault Bundles can be found in the lower left corner of the Community Center, marked by a golden scroll.
– Each bundle requires specific items to be donated. Once you’ve completed all of the Vault Bundles, the Bus Stop will be repaired.

2. Repairing the Bus Stop through the Joja Community Development Form:
– If you don’t want to complete the Vault Bundles, you can purchase the Joja Community Development Form from Joja Corp for 40,000g.
– Once you’ve purchased the form, the Bus Stop will be repaired immediately.

Once the Bus Stop is repaired, you can access the Calico Desert by taking the bus from Pelican Town. The bus will drop you off at the Desert Trader’s Oasis in the Calico Desert.

In the Calico Desert, you’ll find a variety of new activities and features:
– The Desert Trader’s Oasis: This is the main hub of the Calico Desert, where you can find the Desert Trader, who sells rare items and unique crops. You can also purchase a variety of desert-themed furniture and decorations.
– The Skull Cavern: This is an underground mine located in the Calico Desert. It’s much more challenging than the regular mine, with tougher enemies and more valuable resources. It’s a great place to gather ores, gems, and other valuable items.
– Sandfish and Oasis Fish: The Calico Desert is home to unique fish species, such as the Sandfish and the Oasis Fish. These fish can only be found in the desert and can be caught in the oasis or in the ponds scattered throughout the desert.
– Special forageable items: In the desert, you can find special forageable items like Cactus Fruit and Coconut, which can be used in cooking or sold for a profit.
– Desert Minecarts: Once you’ve unlocked the minecarts in the Skull Cavern, you can use them to travel quickly between different areas in the desert.

The Calico Desert offers a new and exciting area to explore in Stardew Valley. It provides unique challenges, opportunities for profit, and new friendships to be made. So, once you’ve repaired the Bus Stop, don’t hesitate to hop on the bus and discover all that the Calico Desert has to offer!