Who traditionally speaks at the rehearsal dinner?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Traditionally, the host of the rehearsal dinner is the father of the groom in a heterosexual couple. This role is typically given to the father as a way to honor his involvement in the wedding and to thank him for his support throughout the planning process. As the host, the father of the groom is responsible for giving the first speech at the rehearsal dinner.

In my personal experience, I remember attending a rehearsal dinner where the groom’s father gave a heartfelt speech. He began by welcoming everyone and expressing his gratitude for being able to host such a special event. He shared anecdotes about his son growing up and the joy he felt seeing him find love and happiness with his soon-to-be spouse.

The father of the groom also took the opportunity to thank the guests for their presence and support leading up to the wedding. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of both families in making the wedding a reality. It was a touching moment that brought tears to many eyes.

Following the speech by the father of the groom, members of the wedding party who won’t be speaking at the reception often have the chance to give their own speeches or toasts. This can include the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other close friends or family members who want to express their love and support for the couple.

At the rehearsal dinner I attended, the bridesmaids and groomsmen took turns sharing funny stories and heartfelt wishes for the couple. It was a lighthearted and joyful atmosphere, filled with laughter and love. These speeches were a great way to showcase the strong bonds between the couple and their closest friends.

It’s important to note that while the maid of honor and best man typically give speeches at the wedding reception, they may also choose to say a few words at the rehearsal dinner. However, it is not a requirement and often depends on the couple’s preferences.

To summarize, the host of the rehearsal dinner, traditionally the father of the groom, gives the first speech. This is followed by members of the wedding party who won’t be speaking at the reception, such as bridesmaids and groomsmen. These speeches allow loved ones to share their support, love, and well wishes for the couple before the big day.