How do I get a PUBG character card?

Answered by Jason Smith

To get free character vouchers in PUBG Mobile, you can take advantage of various in-game events. These events often drop special crates that contain character vouchers. Here are some tips to help you obtain these vouchers without spending any money:

1. Be Active: Make it a habit to log into the game at least once a day. This way, you won’t miss out on any new events or limited-time crates that may contain character vouchers. Regularly checking for new events will increase your chances of obtaining these vouchers for free.

2. Participate in Events: PUBG Mobile frequently hosts events that offer players the opportunity to earn rewards, including character vouchers. These events may require you to complete certain tasks or challenges. Stay updated on the latest events by checking the in-game news section or official social media channels. Participating actively in these events will increase your chances of receiving character vouchers.

3. Complete Daily Missions: Daily missions often offer rewards, including crates that may contain character vouchers. Make sure to complete these missions every day to maximize your chances of obtaining free vouchers.

4. Join Crew Challenges: Crew challenges are team-based events where you can earn rewards by playing with your crewmates. These challenges often provide crates as rewards, which may contain character vouchers. Coordinate with your crew and participate in these challenges to increase your chances of getting free vouchers.

5. Use Redeem Codes: PUBG Mobile occasionally releases redeem codes that can be used to claim various rewards. These codes are usually shared on official social media channels or during special events. Keep an eye out for these codes and redeem them to potentially receive character vouchers.

6. Watch Livestreams and Tournaments: PUBG Mobile frequently hosts livestreams and tournaments, both in-game and on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. These events often provide viewers with redeem codes or other rewards, including character vouchers. Tune in to these streams and participate in any giveaways or events to increase your chances of getting free vouchers.

7. Participate in Lucky Draws: PUBG Mobile occasionally offers lucky draws where you can spend in-game currency to win various prizes. Some lucky draws may have character vouchers as rewards. While this method may require some luck, it can still be a viable option to obtain character vouchers without spending real money.

Remember, obtaining character vouchers for free in PUBG Mobile requires patience and active participation in events and activities. By staying engaged and regularly checking for new opportunities, you can increase your chances of earning these vouchers and unlocking new characters in the game.