Is it good to break 90 in golf?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Breaking 90 in golf is considered to be a significant milestone and a commendable achievement for any golfer. It signifies that a player has shot below 90 strokes for 18 holes, which is generally seen as an excellent score. While it may not be as impressive as shooting in the 70s or even the 60s, breaking 90 is still a noteworthy accomplishment for most amateur golfers.

One of the reasons breaking 90 is considered a good goal to strive for is because it demonstrates a certain level of skill and consistency in the game. It requires a solid understanding of the fundamentals of golf, such as proper swing mechanics, course management, and effective putting. Shooting below 90 consistently indicates that a golfer has developed a level of proficiency that allows them to navigate the course with relative ease.

Moreover, breaking 90 can also enhance the overall enjoyment of the game. Golf can be a frustrating sport, and shooting high scores can often lead to feelings of disappointment and discouragement. By consistently breaking 90, a golfer can experience a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which can contribute to their overall enjoyment of the game.

Breaking 90 can also have a positive impact on a golfer’s confidence and mindset. Golf is known to be a mental game, and shooting below 90 can instill a sense of belief and self-assurance in one’s abilities. This newfound confidence can be carried over to other aspects of the game, such as longer drives, more accurate iron shots, and improved course management.

Furthermore, breaking 90 opens up a range of opportunities for golfers. Many golf courses have certain requirements for players based on their handicap or skill level. By consistently shooting below 90, a golfer may become eligible to participate in tournaments or play on courses that have certain restrictions for higher handicap players. This can provide new challenges and opportunities for growth in the game.

While breaking 90 is a notable achievement, it is essential to remember that golf is a highly individualized sport, and each golfer progresses at their own pace. Some players may break 90 after a few months of practice, while others may take several years. The journey of improvement in golf is unique for every individual, and it is important not to compare oneself to others.

Breaking 90 in golf is indeed a good goal to strive for. It signifies a level of skill, consistency, and enjoyment in the game. It can boost a golfer’s confidence, open up new opportunities, and provide a sense of accomplishment. However, it is important to remember that golf is ultimately a personal journey, and progress should be measured against one’s own goals and aspirations.