Does Walmart in NJ sell alcohol?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Walmart in NJ does sell alcohol. I actually live in NJ and have personally purchased alcohol from Walmart many times. They have a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits available for purchase. The alcohol section is usually located towards the back of the store, near the grocery section.

Walmart in NJ follows the state’s liquor laws, which include restrictions on the sale of alcohol to minors and hours of operation. They have strict policies in place to ensure that customers are of legal drinking age before purchasing alcohol. When you go to the alcohol section, you will usually find signs indicating that ID checks are required for anyone who appears under the age of 40.

It’s worth noting that Walmart in NJ, like many other states, does not sell alcohol on Sundays before a certain time. This is due to blue laws, which restrict the sale of certain items on Sundays. However, the exact hours may vary depending on the specific location, so it’s best to check with your local Walmart to find out the exact hours when alcohol sales are allowed on Sundays.

I’ve found that Walmart in NJ has a good selection of alcohol at competitive prices. They often have deals and promotions, especially around holidays or special occasions. The staff is generally friendly and helpful when it comes to answering any questions or assisting with your purchase.

Walmart in NJ does sell alcohol and follows the state’s liquor laws regarding age restrictions and hours of operation. They have a good selection of beer, wine, and spirits and offer competitive prices. So if you’re looking to purchase alcohol, Walmart is a convenient option to consider.