Who was Cersei’s favorite child?

Answered by Willie Powers

Cersei’s favorite child was undoubtedly Joffrey. Despite his cruel and sadistic nature, Cersei had a deep affection for him, seeing him as her “baby boy.” This favoritism was evident throughout the series, and there were two particular instances that showcased Cersei’s strong attachment to Joffrey.

Firstly, in the earlier seasons, Cersei always seemed to have a special soft spot for Joffrey. She doted on him and defended him fiercely, even when he displayed his wickedness. Cersei’s love for Joffrey was an extension of her own ego and desire for power. As Joffrey was her eldest son and the future king, she saw him as an extension of herself and her legacy. This attachment blinded her to Joffrey’s true nature and the harm he caused.

Secondly, when Joffrey met his untimely demise at his own wedding, Cersei’s grief was palpable. Despite Joffrey’s cruelty towards others, his death shattered Cersei. She was absolutely wrecked by the loss of her favorite child. It was as if a part of her had died along with him. This reaction may have been due to Cersei’s inability to see Joffrey’s flaws or her refusal to accept them. Joffrey’s death shattered her illusions and left her vulnerable and devastated.

In the aftermath of Joffrey’s death, Cersei’s mourning was not only a reflection of her love for him but also of the loss of her own power and control. Joffrey’s death set in motion a chain of events that ultimately led to Cersei’s downfall, and her grief was intertwined with her own personal tragedy.

While Cersei’s favoritism towards Joffrey may be seen as misguided and even disturbing, it added depth to her character and showcased the complexities of motherhood. Despite Joffrey’s despicable actions, Cersei’s love for him was unwavering, highlighting the complicated nature of a mother’s bond with her child.

Cersei’s favorite child was Joffrey. Her attachment to him was rooted in her desire for power and her own ego. Despite his cruel nature, Cersei loved Joffrey deeply, and his death left her shattered and devastated. This favoritism added complexity to Cersei’s character and explored the complexities of motherhood in the context of power and ambition.