Does the petsafe wireless fence shock?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The PetSafe wireless fence does deliver a static correction to the dog when they approach or cross the boundary, but it is important to understand that this correction is not a harmful electric shock. The collar is designed to emit a small static stimulation, similar to what you might experience from rubbing your feet on a carpet and then touching a metal object. It is a safe and humane way to train your dog and keep them within the boundaries of your property.

I can speak from personal experience as I have used a PetSafe wireless fence for my own dog. When we first introduced the system, I was initially concerned about the static correction and how my dog would react to it. However, after thorough research and consulting with a veterinarian, I learned that the level of stimulation delivered by the collar is not harmful or painful.

The collar has multiple levels of static correction, allowing you to adjust the intensity according to your dog’s size and temperament. It is important to note that the purpose of the static correction is not to cause pain, but to provide a deterrent that the dog can associate with crossing the boundary. The goal is to train the dog to stay within the safe area without causing any harm.

In regards to the claim that the electronic fence collar can cause seizures, even in dogs who aren’t epileptic, this is simply not true. As mentioned earlier, the static correction from the collar only travels to the skin of the dog and is not strong enough to reach the brain. Therefore, there is no possibility of triggering a seizure through the use of the PetSafe wireless fence.

It is unfortunate that scare tactics like this may be used to discourage the use of electronic fence systems. The reality is that these systems have been used successfully by many pet owners to safely contain their dogs and provide them with the freedom to roam within a designated area.

The claim that an electronic fence collar can cause seizures is unfounded and untrue. The stimulation delivered by the collar is not strong enough to reach the brain, and therefore, there is no risk of triggering a seizure. The PetSafe wireless fence is a safe and effective tool for training your dog and keeping them within the boundaries of your property.