Does Tony ever come back to NCIS?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Yes, Tony DiNozzo does make a return to NCIS. As a long-time fan of the show, I was thrilled when rumors started swirling about Michael Weatherly reprising his role as Tony. And it seems that Weatherly himself has not been shy about fueling those rumors. In fact, he has openly expressed his intentions to return to the NCIS universe.

It all started when CBS announced a three-way crossover event for January 2, 2023, involving NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawai’i. This is an unprecedented move for the franchise, and fans have been buzzing with excitement. But what really caught everyone’s attention was Weatherly’s response to the news.

In a recent interview, when asked about the crossover event, Weatherly didn’t shy away from the question. Instead, he openly acknowledged the rumors and teased fans by saying, “I can neither confirm nor deny anything…but I’m really excited about what’s coming up.”

Now, that’s not a definitive confirmation, but it certainly leaves the door wide open for a Tony DiNozzo comeback. And as a die-hard fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled about the possibility. Tony was a beloved character on NCIS, and his departure left a void that hasn’t quite been filled since.

The prospect of seeing Tony back in action, alongside Gibbs and the rest of the team, is incredibly exciting. It would not only be a treat for long-time fans like myself, but also a great way to celebrate the milestone of a three-way crossover event.

Of course, I understand that rumors can sometimes be misleading, and nothing is set in stone until it actually happens. But the fact that Michael Weatherly is openly playing into these rumors gives me hope. And let’s not forget that actors often have to keep certain details under wraps to maintain the element of surprise.

In any case, whether Tony DiNozzo does make a comeback in the upcoming crossover event or in future episodes, one thing is for sure – fans are eagerly awaiting his return. And I, for one, will be glued to my TV screen, eagerly anticipating the day when Tony’s familiar face graces the NCIS universe once again.

So, until then, let’s hold onto our excitement, keep our fingers crossed, and hope that Tony DiNozzo’s return to NCIS becomes a reality. After all, in the world of television, anything is possible.