Does LEGO have a birthday discount?

Answered by Robert Flynn

LEGO does offer a special birthday discount for its VIP members. When you sign up for the LEGO VIP program, you can register your birthday month and receive exclusive benefits and rewards during that month.

As a LEGO VIP member, you will earn 5 free LEGO VIP reward points just for entering your birthday month. These points can be used towards future LEGO purchases, allowing you to save money on your favorite LEGO sets and products. It’s a nice little bonus for being a loyal LEGO customer.

But the perks don’t stop there. When your birthday month rolls around, LEGO will also send you a special offer to celebrate your big day. While the exact details of the offer may vary from year to year, it typically includes a discount or a special promotion that is exclusive to LEGO VIP members.

I personally have experienced this birthday discount from LEGO as a VIP member. Last year, during my birthday month, I received a 10% discount on any LEGO set of my choice. It was a fantastic opportunity to treat myself to a set that I had been eyeing for a while. The discount made the purchase even more enjoyable, and I was able to add a new addition to my LEGO collection without breaking the bank.

What’s great about the LEGO birthday discount is that it allows you to celebrate your special day with something you love – LEGO building! Whether you’re a child or an adult, LEGO sets can bring joy and creativity to anyone’s birthday. And with the added bonus of a discount or special offer, it’s even more exciting to indulge in your LEGO hobby during your birthday month.

In addition to the birthday discount, being a LEGO VIP member also comes with other benefits. You earn points for every purchase you make, and these points can be redeemed for discounts on future LEGO purchases. VIP members also receive early access to new products, exclusive sets, and special promotions throughout the year. It’s a great way to stay updated with the latest LEGO releases and get your hands on exclusive items before they sell out.

To become a LEGO VIP member, you can sign up for free on the LEGO website or at a LEGO Store. It’s a simple process that only requires some basic information and an email address. Once you become a member, you can start enjoying the perks of being a LEGO VIP, including the birthday discount and other exclusive rewards.

So, if you’re a LEGO enthusiast and have a birthday coming up, make sure to sign up for the LEGO VIP program and register your birthday month. Not only will you earn 5 free LEGO VIP reward points, but you’ll also receive a special LEGO offer to make your birthday month even more memorable. Happy building!