Can liquor cake make you drunk?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Liquor cakes, such as rum cakes, can indeed make you feel intoxicated if consumed in large quantities. However, it is important to note that the level of intoxication will vary depending on several factors, such as the amount of alcohol used in the cake, the serving size, and individual tolerance levels.

The amount of alcohol in a rum cake will largely depend on the recipe and personal preference. On average, a rum cake recipe may call for around 1/2 cup of rum to be added to the batter. During the baking process, the alcohol content in the rum will be reduced as some of it evaporates. This means that the final alcohol content in the cake itself will be lower than the amount initially used.

Eating two to three pieces of dry rum cake, without any additional soaking or glazing, is unlikely to result in significant intoxication. The alcohol content in these servings would be relatively low, especially considering that the alcohol has been partially cooked off.

However, if you choose to soak the cake in rum after baking and then serve it after refrigeration, the alcohol content in the cake can increase. The longer the cake is soaked, the more alcohol it will absorb. This can result in a higher concentration of alcohol in each serving.

If someone were to consume a large amount of rum-soaked cake, it is possible for them to experience some level of intoxication. The effects will vary depending on the individual’s tolerance, the amount of cake consumed, and the concentration of alcohol in the soaked cake.

It is important to exercise caution when consuming alcohol-infused desserts, especially if you are driving or have responsibilities that require sobriety. Always be mindful of your alcohol intake and enjoy such treats in moderation.

While eating a few pieces of regular rum cake is unlikely to make you drunk, indulging in a significant amount of rum-soaked cake can lead to a mild level of intoxication. It is essential to be aware of the alcohol content in these desserts and consume them responsibly.