Do you have to wear the Instacart lanyard?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The Instacart lanyard is provided to shoppers as a means of identification and to establish credibility while performing deliveries. However, it is not mandatory for shoppers to wear the lanyard at all times while shopping. The lanyard is primarily intended to be worn during deliveries to ensure that customers can easily identify the shopper as an authorized representative of Instacart.

During the shopping process, shoppers may find it more convenient to keep the lanyard in their bag or pocket rather than wearing it around their neck. This allows for greater ease of movement and ensures that the lanyard does not interfere with the shopping process. Additionally, some shoppers may feel that wearing the lanyard constantly is unnecessary or uncomfortable.

That being said, it is important for shoppers to have the lanyard readily accessible during deliveries. When arriving at a customer’s location to drop off their order, shoppers should put on the lanyard to clearly identify themselves as an Instacart shopper. This helps to establish trust and ensures that customers feel secure in receiving their groceries from a verified source.

Wearing the Instacart lanyard during deliveries also helps to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings with customers or other individuals who may be present at the delivery location. It serves as a visual indicator that the shopper is there on behalf of Instacart and is authorized to make the delivery.

While the lanyard itself is not mandatory during the shopping process, it is important for shoppers to adhere to Instacart’s guidelines and policies when it comes to identification and professionalism. Shoppers should always carry their personal identification, such as their driver’s license or Instacart Shopper card, as well as any other required documentation, while shopping and making deliveries.

While shoppers are not required to wear the Instacart lanyard at all times while shopping, it is essential to wear it during deliveries to establish credibility and avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. The lanyard serves as a visual identifier for customers and helps to ensure a smooth and secure delivery experience.