Is Historia a Titan?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Historia is not a Titan. I remember watching the anime series “Attack on Titan” and reading the manga, and throughout the story, it is made clear that Historia is not a Titan shifter. She does possess some unique abilities, but they are not directly related to being a Titan.

Historia, or Historia Reiss, is a character in “Attack on Titan” who comes from a royal bloodline. Her family, the Reiss family, has a significant role in the story and the secrets surrounding the Titans. Historia’s bloodline allows her to have a certain level of control over the Titans, but it is not the same as being a Titan shifter.

The nine Titans in “Attack on Titan” are special beings that possess immense power and can transform into giant humanoid creatures. Each Titan has its own unique abilities and characteristics. Historia, as far as the story goes, does not possess any of these Titans.

However, it is worth mentioning that if Historia were to inherit one of the nine Titans, she would most likely have a greater understanding and control over their abilities due to her royal bloodline. This is because the royal bloodline is closely connected to the history and secrets of the Titans in the story.

So, to sum it up, Historia is not a Titan shifter in “Attack on Titan.” Her powers and abilities come from her royal bloodline, which grants her a certain level of control over the Titans. If she were to inherit one of the nine Titans, she would likely have even more power and potentially discover new abilities.