Do Kinglets come to bird feeders?

Answered by Jason Smith

Kinglets, specifically the Golden-crowned Kinglet, are not commonly seen at bird feeders. These tiny birds have delicate beaks that are not well adapted for cracking open seeds like larger birds. They primarily feed on insects and spiders, which they glean from the foliage of trees and shrubs.

However, there have been rare instances where Golden-crowned Kinglets have been observed visiting bird feeders. This usually occurs in areas where there is a dense population of chickadees, as these two species often associate with each other in the wild. Chickadees are known to visit feeders and will readily eat seeds and suet, which are common offerings at backyard feeders.

If you live near a wooded area that is frequented by chickadees, you may have a chance of attracting Golden-crowned Kinglets to your bird feeder. One option is to fill your feeder with a high-quality seed mix specifically designed for small songbirds. Lyric Fine Tunes is a popular brand that offers a variety of seeds, including sunflower chips, nyjer, and fine cracked corn, which are all suitable for smaller birds like kinglets.

To increase your chances of attracting kinglets, it is important to provide a suitable habitat in your backyard. This can be achieved by planting native trees and shrubs that offer dense foliage for the birds to forage in. Providing a water source, such as a birdbath, can also be beneficial as kinglets, like other birds, require water for drinking and bathing.

While the chances of seeing Golden-crowned Kinglets at your feeder may be slim, it is always worth a try. The joy of spotting these “mini kings” in your own backyard can be a rewarding experience. So, if you have a feeder and live near a wooded area with chickadees, fill it with a suitable seed mix and keep your eyes peeled for these tiny, energetic birds.

In my personal experience, I have had the pleasure of observing Golden-crowned Kinglets at my backyard feeder on a few occasions. I live in a wooded area with a variety of bird species, including chickadees, which are regular visitors to my feeders. One winter, while I was replenishing the feeders with a mix of sunflower seeds and fine cracked corn, I noticed a small flock of kinglets flitting about in the nearby shrubs.

Curious to see if they would be interested in the feeder, I added some nyjer seeds, which are a favorite of smaller songbirds like finches and sparrows. To my surprise, the kinglets did indeed visit the feeder, although they seemed to prefer the dense foliage of the surrounding trees and shrubs for foraging. It was a delight to watch these tiny birds darting around, their bright golden crowns shining in the sunlight.

While this sighting was a rare occurrence, it highlighted the importance of providing a diverse and suitable habitat for birds in your backyard. By offering a variety of food sources, including a high-quality seed mix, and creating a welcoming environment with native plants and water sources, you increase the chances of attracting a wide range of bird species, including the elusive Golden-crowned Kinglets.

Golden-crowned Kinglets are not frequent visitors to bird feeders due to their small beaks and preference for insects. However, if you live in a wooded area with a dense population of chickadees, there is a chance you may attract these “mini kings” to your feeder. Using a high-quality seed mix like Lyric Fine Tunes and creating a suitable habitat with native plants and water sources can increase your chances of spotting these delightful birds in your backyard.