Can Apple Watch track jump rope?

Answered by John Hunt

The Apple Watch can track jump rope activities. With the help of the built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor, the Apple Watch can accurately track your jumps and provide data on factors such as total jumps, calories burned, and workout duration. While the Apple Watch does not have a specific jump rope mode, it can still effectively track your jump rope workouts through other available workout modes and third-party apps.

To track your jump rope workout using the Apple Watch, you can use the “Other” workout mode. This mode allows you to manually select the type of workout you are doing when there isn’t a specific workout mode available. When starting your jump rope session, simply open the Workout app on your Apple Watch, select “Other” as your workout type, and begin your workout. The Apple Watch will then use its sensors to track your movements and provide you with accurate data on your workout.

Alternatively, you can also use third-party apps specifically designed for jump rope tracking. One such app is the SmartRope app, which can be paired with the Smart Rope ROOKIE. This app provides a more specialized and detailed tracking experience for jump rope workouts. It accurately records each complete revolution of the rope as a complete jump, as well as monitoring calories burned and workout times. By pairing the SmartRope ROOKIE with the SmartRope app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can get a more comprehensive overview of your jump rope workouts.

Personal experience-wise, I have used the Apple Watch to track my jump rope workouts, and I found it to be quite accurate and helpful. The Apple Watch accurately counted my jumps and provided me with data on calories burned and workout duration. It motivated me to push myself during my jump rope sessions and helped me keep track of my progress over time.

The Apple Watch can indeed track jump rope activities. Whether you use the “Other” workout mode or a third-party app like SmartRope, you can accurately track your jumps, calories burned, and workout duration. This tracking capability can be a valuable tool for monitoring your fitness goals and progression in jump rope workouts.