Do Blue Jays eat out of feeders?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Blue Jays are indeed frequent visitors to backyard feeders, and they absolutely love to eat out of them. These beautiful birds are known to be quite opportunistic when it comes to food, and they are not shy about taking advantage of the offerings provided by bird feeders.

One of the Blue Jays’ favorite foods is peanuts. They enjoy peanuts in any form, whether they are whole, shelled, or even in the form of peanut butter. If you want to attract Blue Jays to your backyard feeder, putting out a handful of peanuts is sure to do the trick.

When Blue Jays spot a feeder with peanuts, you can expect a loud and raucous jay squabble to ensue. These birds are not known for their quiet and demure behavior when it comes to food. They are quite vocal and will make their presence known as they compete for the tasty tidbits.

What’s interesting is that Blue Jays are not necessarily solitary eaters. They are known to be social birds, and when a feeder is filled with peanuts, you may witness a group of Blue Jays feasting together. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t engage in a bit of competition. It’s not uncommon to see one bird trying to grab as many peanuts as it can before quickly flying off to hide its bounty.

Blue Jays are also known to be clever and resourceful when it comes to storing food. They have a habit of hoarding their finds, especially nuts like peanuts. They will often fly off to a secluded spot and bury their stash for later consumption. This behavior helps them survive during times when food may be scarce.

In addition to peanuts, Blue Jays also enjoy other types of food that are commonly found in bird feeders. They have a particular fondness for sunflower seeds, suet, and even fruits like apples and berries. They are not picky eaters and will readily indulge in a variety of foods if provided.

To summarize, Blue Jays are definitely fans of eating out of feeders. They are especially fond of peanuts in any form and will engage in lively squabbles over them. Providing a handful of peanuts is a surefire way to attract these beautiful and vocal birds to your backyard.