Do black ducks have green heads?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

American Black Ducks do not have green heads. Their heads are actually pale gray-brown in color. This is a distinguishing characteristic of the species and helps differentiate them from other ducks. The rest of their body is a very dark brown, almost black, hence their name.

Males and females of the American Black Duck species have some differences in appearance. Males tend to be slightly darker overall, with a richer shade of brown on their bodies. Their bills are a yellow-green color, which contrasts nicely with their dark plumage. On the other hand, females are slightly paler in coloration, with a more subdued olive bill.

When American Black Ducks are in flight, their underwings are particularly eye-catching. They are bright white, providing a striking contrast to the dark color of their bodies. This feature is helpful for identifying them in the field.

Another distinctive feature of American Black Ducks is their iridescent purple speculum, which refers to the secondary feathers on their wings. Unlike some other duck species, the speculum of American Black Ducks lacks white borders. Instead, it is a solid, shimmering purple color. This adds to the overall beauty of these ducks when they are in flight.

American Black Ducks do not have green heads. Instead, they have pale gray-brown heads and yellow-green bills. Their bodies are very dark brown, and in flight, their underwings are bright white. The speculum on their wings is iridescent purple without white borders. These unique features make American Black Ducks a beautiful and distinguishable species.