What is the difference between Facebook page owner and admin?

Answered by John Hunt

The difference between a Facebook page owner and an admin lies in their roles and level of control over the page. Let’s dive deeper into each role to understand their distinctions.

1. Facebook Page Owner:
The Facebook page owner is the person who initially created the page. They are responsible for registering the domain name associated with the page and setting up the page’s basic information. The owner has complete control over the page, including the ability to add or remove admins, change page settings, and manage all aspects of the page’s content.

As the owner, you have the ultimate authority and can make important decisions regarding the page’s direction, branding, and overall strategy. You have the power to assign different roles and permissions to other individuals, such as admins, to help manage the page effectively.

2. Admin:
An admin is a person who has been given permission by the page owner to manage the page. Admins have a significant level of control and responsibility, but their authority is limited compared to the page owner. Here are some key aspects of an admin’s role:

A) Content Management: Admins have the ability to publish posts, photos, videos, and other content on the page. They can also schedule posts for future publishing, which helps in maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

B) Comment Moderation: Admins can monitor and manage comments on the page’s posts. They can delete inappropriate or spam comments, reply to user inquiries, and engage with the page’s audience.

C) Page Insights: Admins can access and analyze the page’s performance metrics through Facebook’s Page Insights. This data provides valuable information about the page’s reach, engagement, and audience demographics, enabling admins to make data-driven decisions.

D) Ad Management: Admins can create and manage ads on the page. This includes setting up ad campaigns, targeting specific audiences, and monitoring the ad’s performance.

E) Page Role Management: Admins have the authority to add or remove other admins and assign different roles to individuals. These roles can be admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, or analyst, each with its own set of permissions and responsibilities.

It is important to note that while admins have significant control, they do not have the ability to make changes to the page’s settings or revoke the ownership of the page. Only the page owner retains these privileges.

The difference between a Facebook page owner and an admin lies in the level of control and authority they possess. The owner has complete control over the page and can make changes to its settings, while admins are granted specific permissions to manage various aspects of the page’s content and engagement.