Did Dr Pepper stop making cherry?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Dr Pepper did discontinue the low calorie version of Dr Pepper Cherry in 2021. This decision was made by the company and resulted in the replacement of the low calorie version with a Zero Sugar version. The Zero Sugar version is intended to provide a sugar-free option for consumers who still enjoy the cherry flavor of Dr Pepper.

The discontinuation of the low calorie version of Dr Pepper Cherry may have been due to various factors. Companies often make changes to their product lineup based on market demand, consumer preferences, and business strategies. It’s possible that the low calorie version of Dr Pepper Cherry did not perform as well in terms of sales or popularity compared to other offerings.

The introduction of a Zero Sugar version of Dr Pepper Cherry aligns with the growing trend of consumers seeking healthier, low or no sugar options. With increasing concerns about the impact of sugary beverages on health, many people are opting for sugar-free alternatives. By offering a Zero Sugar option, Dr Pepper can cater to this market segment and provide a guilt-free cherry-flavored soda experience.

It’s worth noting that Dr Pepper has made previous changes to its formula and sweeteners over the years. The original Dr Pepper formula, created in the late 19th century, used cane sugar as its sweetener. However, in the early 1970s, the company made a switch to using high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) instead. This change was in response to the rising cost of sugar and the availability of HFCS as a cheaper alternative.

The switch to HFCS in the regular Dr Pepper formula sparked some nostalgia among consumers who remembered the taste of the original sugar-sweetened version. As a result, Dr Pepper introduced a sugar-sweetened version called “Dr Pepper Made with Real Sugar.” This version, often referred to as “Dublin Dr Pepper,” used cane sugar as the sweetener and was marketed as a throwback to the original flavor.

However, in recent years, Dr Pepper has shifted its focus towards providing healthier options, including low calorie and sugar-free alternatives. This shift in focus may have influenced the decision to discontinue the low calorie version of Dr Pepper Cherry and replace it with the Zero Sugar version.

Dr Pepper did stop making the low calorie version of Dr Pepper Cherry in 2021. This decision was likely influenced by market demand, consumer preferences for sugar-free options, and the company’s overall business strategy. The replacement with a Zero Sugar version allows Dr Pepper to cater to the growing demand for healthier alternatives while still providing the beloved cherry flavor that many consumers enjoy.