What Is Cindy Birdsong Doing Now?

Cindy Birdsong is a legendary vocalist and member of the iconic girl group, The Supremes. Born in Camden, New Jersey on December 15, 1939, she rose to fame as the group’s third and final lead singer. She joined the group in 1967 and was with them until they disbanded in 1977.

A powerhouse singer with an impressive range and powerful voice, Cindy quickly became a beloved member of the group. She had an ability to effortlessly switch between pop, soul, jazz and gospel sounds – making her a versatile performer that could nail any kind of song. Her vocal performances on songs like “Someday We’ll Be Together” and “Love Child” are considered some of the best vocal performances ever recorded.

Cindy was also an integral part of the overall success of The Supremes. She helped to bring a new style to the group – one that was more rooted in soul music rather than just classic pop songs. She also performed with Diana Ross for some of their most iconic shows – including their legendary performance at the Copacabana nightclub in 1969.

In addition to her work with The Supremes, Cindy has also enjoyed success as a solo artist. Her debut album “Something New” was released in 1981 and featured classics such as “Heavenly Father” and “Let’s Get Together Again” which were instant hits with fans. Since then she has released several more albums and has toured extensively around the world – performing both solo shows as well as shows with other members of The Supremes.

Cindy Birdsong is truly an incredible musician who has made an indelible mark on popular music history. Her vocal prowess and unique style have earned her the respect of fans all over the world – making her one of the most beloved singers ever!

Cindy Birdsong – My Tribute (Vocal Showcase) [C#4-Bb5]

Who Replaced Cindy Birdsong?

After Cindy Birdsong left the Supremes for the second time in 1976, Susaye Greene replaced her. Greene was another former member of Wonderlove, and she remained with the Supremes unil they disbanded in 1977.

Is Cindy Birdsong Related To Edwin Birdsong?

Yes, Cindy Birdsong is relatd to Edwin Birdsong. They are cousins.

cindy birdsong

Who Was Effie In The Supremes?

Effie was a character in the Motown musical “Dreamgirls”, played by Jennifer Holliday. The Supremes were one of the early inspirations for the show.

Is Dreamgirls The Story Of The Supremes?

Dreamgirls is not based on the story of The Supremes. It is a fictional story based on girl groups of the 1960s such as The Supremes, The Shirelles and The Marvelettes. However, there has been speculation that it was based on The Supremes and their relationship with Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records.

Did Florence Ballard And Berry Gordy Have A Child?

Florence Ballard and Berry Gordy never had a child together. Ballard did have three children with other men, Michelle, Nicole, and Lisa Chapman.

Is Diana Ross Still Married?

Yes, Diana Ross is still married. The 77-year-old was married twice previously. Her first marriage was with American music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. The pair were married for six years btween 1971-1977. Diana’s second marriage was to Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Naess Jr. The couple were married from 1985-2000 and have one son together, Ross Naess. Diana is currently unmarried.

Did Cindy Birdsong Sing With Patti LaBelle?

Cindy Birdsong did sing with Patti LaBelle. After leaving The Supremes, Birdsong replaced Nona Hendryx in the group Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles. She recorded two albums with the group before departing in 1972 to pursue a solo career.

When Did Cindy Birdsong Replace Florence Ballard?

Cindy Birdsong replaced Florence Ballard in 1967 due to Ballard’s alcoholism and depression that caused her to miss gigs. Birdsong was previously a member of Patti Labelle and the Bluebells.

Who Was The 4th Supreme?

The 4th Supreme was Barbara Martin. She replaced Betty McGlown in 1961 and was with the group until she left in 1962.

How Old Is Diana Ross Net Worth?

Diana Ross is an American singer, actress, and record producer from Detroit, Michigan. As of 2020, Diana Ross’ net worth is estimated to be $250 million. Much of Diana Ross’ wealth comes from her successful career as a singer and actress. Ross has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has won sveral awards, including a Golden Globe and a Tony Award. Ross has also starred in several hit films, including Lady Sings the Blues and Mahogany. In addition to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Diana Ross has also invested in several businesses ventures, including restaurants and real estate.

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