What can you do with spell scrolls?

Answered by Cody Janus

Spell scrolls are powerful magical items that contain the essence of a specific spell. As a wizard, you have the ability to copy these spells from a scroll into your spellbook, expanding your repertoire of magical abilities. When you come across a spell scroll, there are several things you can do with it:

1. Cast the Spell: The most straightforward use of a spell scroll is to cast the spell directly from the scroll itself. Unlike casting a spell from your spellbook, using a scroll does not require any spell slots or preparation. However, keep in mind that using a spell scroll consumes it, so you won’t be able to use it again unless you find or create another scroll with the same spell.

2. Copy the Spell into Your Spellbook: As a wizard, one of your primary goals is to expand your spellbook with a wide variety of spells. Spell scrolls provide an excellent opportunity to add new spells to your repertoire. By successfully copying a spell from a scroll into your spellbook, you gain the ability to prepare and cast that spell without needing the scroll. This allows you to have a more diverse set of spells available to you at any given time.

3. Trade or Sell the Scroll: If you come across a spell scroll that you already have in your spellbook or one that you have no interest in learning, you can consider trading or selling it. Other wizards or magic users might be interested in acquiring new spells, and you can negotiate a fair trade or price for the scroll. This can be a way to acquire new spells for your spellbook or earn some extra coin.

4. Study the Scroll for Knowledge: Even if you are unable to successfully copy a spell from a scroll, studying it can provide valuable insights and knowledge. Examining the scroll can help you learn more about the spell and its intricacies, potentially enhancing your understanding and mastery of similar spells. This can be particularly useful if the spell on the scroll is one you have not encountered before or if it is of a higher level than you are currently capable of copying.

5. Share the Scroll with Others: If you are part of a group of adventurers or a magical community, sharing a spell scroll with your allies can be beneficial. Other spellcasters might have the ability to copy the spell into their own spellbooks, expanding their magical abilities as well. Collaborating and pooling resources can lead to a stronger group overall, with a wider range of spells available to tackle various challenges.

It’s important to note that copying a spell from a spell scroll requires a successful Intelligence (Arcana) check with a DC equal to 10 + the spell’s level. This check represents your ability to decipher and understand the intricacies of the spell on the scroll. It is worth investing time and effort into improving your Arcana skill to increase your chances of successfully copying spells from scrolls.

Spell scrolls offer wizards a multitude of options. They can be used to cast spells directly, expand your spellbook, trade or sell for profit, gain knowledge and insights, or share with fellow spellcasters. Each scroll presents an opportunity for growth and advancement in your magical abilities. So, whenever you come across a spell scroll, take the time to assess its potential and consider how it can best serve you and your goals as a wizard.