Can you use ProForm without subscription?

Answered by Willie Powers

You can use ProForm treadmills without a subscription to the iFit service. ProForm offers a range of treadmill models, and while some may come with a free trial or require an iFit subscription for certain features, all ProForm treadmills can be used without it.

When you start up a ProForm treadmill, you will typically have the option to choose between manual mode and iFit mode. In manual mode, you can control the speed, incline, and other settings of the treadmill manually without any guidance from the iFit platform. This allows you to simply walk, jog, or run on the treadmill at your own pace, without any additional features.

Additionally, many ProForm treadmills come with built-in workout programs that can be accessed and used without an iFit subscription. These programs are designed to provide a variety of workout options and challenges, such as interval training, hill workouts, or endurance runs. You can typically select and start these programs directly from the treadmill’s console, without needing to connect to the iFit service.

Using a ProForm treadmill without an iFit subscription can still offer a great workout experience. You can track your time, distance, and calories burned on the treadmill’s console, and manually adjust the speed and incline to suit your preferences. Some treadmills also have features like heart rate monitoring, music playback, and cooling fans that can be enjoyed without the need for iFit.

Personally, I have used a ProForm treadmill without an iFit subscription and found it to be a reliable and effective workout tool. I enjoyed the freedom of choosing my own workouts and adjusting the settings to match my fitness level. The built-in workout programs provided a good variety of challenges to keep my workouts interesting and engaging.

ProForm treadmills can definitely be used without an iFit subscription. Whether you prefer to use manual mode or take advantage of the built-in workout programs, you can still get a great workout on a ProForm treadmill without the need for iFit.