What is Magnus Carlsen’s lichess name?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning World Chess Champion, is known for his exceptional skills and achievements in the world of chess. While he primarily plays in official tournaments and matches, he also enjoys playing online chess on platforms like Lichess. It is interesting to note that Magnus initially used the username “DrDrunkenstein” when he first started playing on Lichess.

The choice of this username reflects Magnus’ lighthearted approach to online chess at that time. He humorously referred to himself as “DrDrunkenstein” because he would often indulge in a few drinks while playing online. This playful username showcased his relaxed attitude and enjoyment of the game.

However, when Lichess introduced the Bullet Titled Arena tournaments, Magnus decided to participate more seriously. He recognized the need for focus and clarity during fast-paced bullet chess games and decided to create a new account with a different username: “DrNykterstein.”

The term “Nykterstein” is derived from the Norwegian word “nykter,” which means sober or abstemious. By adopting this new username, Magnus highlighted his commitment to playing with a clear mind and without the influence of alcohol. This change represented a shift in his mindset towards online chess, as he aimed to compete at the highest level and showcase his true abilities.

It is fascinating to observe how Magnus Carlsen’s approach to online chess evolved over time. Starting with a playful and somewhat humorous username like “DrDrunkenstein,” he eventually transitioned to “DrNykterstein” to emphasize his dedication and focus in the Bullet Titled Arena tournaments on Lichess.

Magnus Carlsen’s choice of usernames on Lichess provides us with a glimpse into his personality and mindset as a chess player. It showcases his ability to adapt and adjust his approach to different playing environments and his willingness to explore different aspects of the game, even in an online setting.

Magnus Carlsen’s Lichess username is “DrNykterstein,” reflecting his commitment to playing with sobriety and focus in the Bullet Titled Arena tournaments.