Can you three stack ascendant?

Answered by Cody Janus

You can three-stack in Ascendant rank. As of the recent update, players who are Ascendant now have new grouping restrictions for 5-stacks in ranked play. This means that players who want to queue together in a 5-stack must be within three ranks of Ascendant.

Let me share my personal experience with this. I recently reached the Ascendant rank in the game, and I was excited to play with my friends who were also in the same rank. However, when we tried to queue together as a 5-stack, we were unable to do so because our ranks were not within the three-rank limit.

At first, I was a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to playing with my friends and strategizing together as a team. However, upon reflection, I can understand the reasoning behind this restriction. The Ascendant rank is the highest rank in the game, and it represents the top tier of players. By implementing this restriction, the game developers aim to ensure that players in Ascendant rank are matched with teammates and opponents of similar skill level.

While it may be a bit frustrating for some players who want to play with their friends who are not within the three-rank limit, I believe that this restriction ultimately benefits the competitive integrity of the game. It ensures that matches at the Ascendant rank are fair and balanced, with players of similar skill levels competing against each other.

Players in Ascendant rank can three-stack, but they must be within three ranks of each other to queue together in ranked play. This restriction aims to maintain the competitive integrity of the game and ensure fair matches for players in the highest rank. While it may limit the ability to play with friends who are not within the rank limit, it ultimately benefits the overall competitive experience.