Can you get Iron Lord Title?

Answered by Robert Dupre

It is possible to obtain the Iron Lord title in Destiny 2. To achieve this title, you will need to complete a series of Triumphs related to Iron Banner activities, specifically by using Iron Banner armor and weapons. Let’s delve into the requirements and steps you need to take to earn this prestigious title.

1. Equip Iron Banner Armor: The first requirement is to wear a full set of Iron Banner armor. This consists of a helmet, gauntlets, chest armor, leg armor, and class item. Iron Banner armor can be obtained by participating in Iron Banner events and completing bounties and milestone objectives. Once you have acquired a full set, make sure to equip it before participating in Iron Banner matches.

2. Use Iron Banner Weapons: In addition to wearing the Iron Banner armor, you will also need to use Iron Banner weapons during your matches. These weapons can be earned through Iron Banner engrams, completing Iron Banner bounties, or purchasing them from Lord Saladin, the Iron Banner vendor. Make sure to equip at least one Iron Banner weapon before entering the Iron Banner playlist.

3. Complete Iron Banner Triumphs: To earn the Iron Lord title, you will need to complete a set of Triumphs specific to Iron Banner. These Triumphs will vary from season to season, so make sure to check the Triumphs section in the game to see the current requirements. Examples of Iron Banner Triumphs may include getting a certain number of kills, capturing zones, winning matches, or performing specific actions during Iron Banner activities.

4. Play Iron Banner Matches: To make progress towards your Iron Banner Triumphs, you will need to participate in Iron Banner matches. Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible playlist that becomes available periodically throughout each season. It features 6v6 Control matches with unique mechanics, such as increased Power Level advantages. Play as many Iron Banner matches as you can to complete the Triumphs and earn the required number of wins.

5. Focus on Triumph Objectives: While playing Iron Banner matches, keep an eye on the Triumph objectives you need to complete. Some Triumphs may require you to focus on specific actions, such as getting kills with certain weapon types, capturing zones, or earning streaks. Tailor your playstyle and loadout to meet these objectives and maximize your progress towards the Iron Lord title.

6. Complete Bounties and Milestones: Lord Saladin offers a variety of Iron Banner bounties that can grant you additional rewards and help you progress towards your Triumphs. These bounties may require you to perform specific actions during Iron Banner matches, such as getting kills with certain weapons or earning multikills. Completing these bounties will not only provide you with valuable rewards but also contribute to your overall progress towards the Iron Lord title.

7. Repeat the Process: Iron Banner events occur periodically throughout each season, typically lasting for a week or more. Take advantage of these events and participate in as many matches as possible to continue making progress towards your Triumphs. If you don’t manage to complete all the Triumphs in one Iron Banner event, don’t worry. You can continue your progress in future Iron Banner events until you have completed all the necessary requirements for the Iron Lord title.

Remember, earning the Iron Lord title requires dedication and perseverance. It may take multiple Iron Banner events and numerous matches to complete all the Triumphs and obtain the title. Stay focused, adapt your playstyle to meet the Triumph objectives, and enjoy the competitive atmosphere of Iron Banner. Good luck on your journey to becoming an Iron Lord in Destiny 2!