What does a draconic chest do?

Answered by Jason Smith

The Draconic Chest is a versatile and powerful block that serves multiple functions in the Mekanism mod. This chest not only provides a large storage capacity but also includes a built-in crafting table and an auto-smelting furnace. Its capabilities make it an essential addition to any player’s inventory management and resource processing setup.

First and foremost, the Draconic Chest offers an impressive storage capacity, capable of holding up to 234 stacks of items. This is significantly higher than the storage capacity of regular chests, making it ideal for players who accumulate large amounts of resources or have extensive item collections. With this chest, you can keep your items organized and easily accessible, without the need for multiple chests cluttering up your base.

One of the standout features of the Draconic Chest is its integrated crafting table. This means that you can access a crafting grid directly from the chest interface, eliminating the need to carry around a separate crafting table. Whether you’re crafting items for a building project or creating tools and weapons for your adventures, having a crafting table within reach can greatly improve your efficiency and convenience.

Additionally, the Draconic Chest includes an auto-smelting furnace, which sets it apart from other storage solutions. The furnace function of the chest utilizes an internal energy buffer of 1,000,000 RF (Redstone Flux) to power the smelting process. This means that any ores or raw materials placed into the chest will be automatically smelted into their corresponding ingots or processed forms.

The auto-smelting feature of the Draconic Chest not only saves time but also doubles the yield of a regular Furnace. This can be incredibly valuable for players who rely on smelting as a primary means of obtaining resources. With the ability to process ores and raw materials efficiently, you can maximize your resource output and minimize the time spent waiting for items to smelt.

Personal experiences and situations can further illustrate the benefits of the Draconic Chest. For example, imagine you are embarking on a mining expedition deep underground. You come across a rich vein of ores but realize your inventory is already full. With a regular chest, you would have to make frequent trips back to your base to unload the ores. However, with a Draconic Chest, you can store all the ores directly in your inventory and have them automatically smelted into ingots as you continue mining. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you can make the most of your mining expedition without interruptions.

The Draconic Chest is a high-capacity storage block with a built-in crafting table and an auto-smelting furnace. Its ability to store a large number of items, provide crafting convenience, and automatically process ores make it an invaluable asset for efficient inventory management and resource processing in the Mekanism mod.