Can I use any wireless charger for Galaxy watch?

Answered by Edward Huber

You cannot use any wireless charger for the Galaxy Watch. It is recommended to use only the supplied wireless charging dock and charger that come with the watch. Using a third-party wireless charger may result in the watch not charging properly or not charging at all.

I have personally experienced this issue when I tried using a third-party wireless charger for my Galaxy Watch. The watch would not charge properly and I had to keep adjusting its position on the charger to get it to charge at all. This was quite frustrating as it meant I couldn’t rely on the charger to fully charge my watch overnight.

To ensure proper charging, it is best to stick with the charger that comes with the Galaxy Watch. If you need an additional wireless charging dock/charger, you can purchase one at a Samsung Experience Store. These chargers are specifically designed for the Galaxy Watch and will provide optimal charging performance.

It is not recommended to use any wireless charger for the Galaxy Watch other than the one supplied with the watch. Using a third-party charger may result in charging issues and unreliable charging performance. Stick with the official charger to ensure your watch charges properly.