Can I get AppleCare after 6 months?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

So, let me share my personal experience with buying AppleCare+ after the initial 60-day period has ended. I purchased an iPhone last year and didn’t opt for AppleCare+ initially because I wasn’t sure if I needed it. However, after using my phone for about 6 months, I realized that I wanted the additional coverage and peace of mind that AppleCare+ offers.

I went to my nearest Apple Store and explained my situation to one of the technicians. They informed me that although the standard 60-day window for purchasing AppleCare+ had passed, there was still an option to get it if my device passed an inspection. The technician then examined my iPhone to ensure it was in good working condition and didn’t have any existing damage.

Fortunately, my phone met the criteria, and the technician allowed me to sign up for AppleCare+ right there in the store. They guided me through the process, explaining the coverage details, cost, and terms. I was given the option to either pay the full amount upfront or divide it into monthly installments.

It’s worth noting that this inspection option is available for up to a year after the original purchase date. However, it’s not guaranteed that every device will pass the inspection. If your device has significant damage or issues, Apple may not allow you to purchase AppleCare+ at that point.

If you decide you want AppleCare+ for your Apple device after the initial 60-day period, you can visit an Apple Store and request an inspection. If your device passes, you’ll be able to sign up for AppleCare+ in person. Just keep in mind that this option is available for up to a year after the purchase, and it’s subject to the technician’s discretion.