Are all finishers in Destiny 2 the same length?

Answered by Willie Powers

In Destiny 2, finishers are a powerful move that allows players to execute enemies in a flashy and decisive manner. While the animations for finishers may vary in terms of style and complexity, the duration in which players are locked out from using their guns and abilities remains consistent. This means that regardless of the length of the finisher animation, the time it takes before players can resume normal gameplay remains the same.

The purpose of this design choice is to balance the gameplay and ensure that finishers do not give players an unfair advantage or disrupt the flow of combat. By having a fixed duration for the lockout, it prevents players from repeatedly chaining finishers together and essentially rendering enemies helpless.

Having all finishers share the same lockout duration also allows for more strategic decision-making. Players must carefully time and choose when to execute a finisher, as they will be temporarily vulnerable to enemy attacks during the lockout period. This adds an element of risk versus reward, where players must weigh the benefits of executing a flashy finisher against the potential danger it may expose them to.

It is important to note that the length of finisher animations can still vary, as some finishers may have more elaborate and visually stunning sequences compared to others. This adds diversity and variety to the gameplay experience, allowing players to choose finishers that best suit their style or preference.

While I cannot speak for every finisher in Destiny 2, as there are numerous finishers available in the game, it is safe to say that the lockout duration remains consistent across all of them. This ensures a fair and balanced experience for all players, regardless of the finisher they choose to employ.

In my personal experience playing Destiny 2, I have found the consistent lockout duration for finishers to be a well-implemented mechanic. It prevents finishers from becoming overpowered or disruptive, while still allowing players to enjoy the satisfaction of executing enemies in a stylish manner. It adds an extra layer of strategy to combat encounters, as players must carefully consider when to utilize finishers for maximum effectiveness.

While the length and visual flair of finisher animations may differ in Destiny 2, the lockout duration that temporarily disables players’ guns and abilities remains the same for all finishers. This design choice ensures a fair and balanced gameplay experience, adding strategic depth to combat encounters.