Can Google Maps work without Android Auto?

Answered by Tom Adger

Google Maps can work without Android Auto. Android Auto is a platform that allows you to connect your Android device to your car’s infotainment system, providing a simplified interface for accessing certain apps while driving. While Google Maps is one of the popular apps available on Android Auto, it is not the only way to use Google Maps in your car.

If you prefer to use Google Maps directly on your phone while driving, you can simply run the app on your phone and mount it on a car holder or use a phone stand. This way, you can still benefit from the navigation and real-time traffic information provided by Google Maps without having to rely on Android Auto.

Running Google Maps on your phone has its advantages. For example, you can easily switch between different apps, access other features of your phone, or use other navigation apps simultaneously. It also allows you to use voice commands and receive turn-by-turn directions through your phone’s speakers or Bluetooth connection.

To use Google Maps on your phone, make sure you have the app installed from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on your device. Once installed, open the app, enter your destination, and start the navigation. You can customize the settings, such as avoiding tolls or highways, and choose between different transportation modes like driving, walking, or public transit.

It’s worth noting that using Google Maps on your phone while driving may not provide the same level of integration and convenience as using it through Android Auto. Android Auto offers a simplified and optimized interface for in-car use, with larger buttons, voice control, and integration with your car’s controls. Additionally, Android Auto can take advantage of your car’s built-in GPS and display, providing a more seamless experience.

However, if you’re experiencing issues with Google Maps disappearing on Android Auto after a recent update, running the app on your phone instead can be a viable workaround. It allows you to continue using Google Maps until the issue with Android Auto is resolved.

Yes, Google Maps can work without Android Auto. Simply run the app on your phone, mount it in your car, and enjoy the benefits of navigation and real-time traffic information. While it may not offer the same level of integration as Android Auto, it can still be a reliable and convenient way to use Google Maps while driving.