What is the purpose of ruined books in Skyrim?

Answered by James Kissner

The purpose of ruined books in Skyrim is to serve as a crafting component for spell tomes at the atronach forge. In the game, there are two variations of ruined books that can be found: Ruined Book and Ruined Book (Spell). These books cannot be read like normal books, but they can be picked up and used in the crafting process.

The atronach forge is a special crafting station located in The Midden, beneath the College of Winterhold. It allows players to combine various ingredients and items to create powerful spell tomes. One of the ingredients needed for certain spell tomes is a ruined book.

To craft a spell tome using a ruined book, players must have the necessary ingredients and access to the atronach forge. They can then interact with the forge and select the “Conjure Spell Tome” option. This will bring up a menu where players can choose the type of spell tome they want to create.

The ruined book is specifically required for the creation of spell tomes that summon atronachs. These powerful creatures can be summoned to aid the player in combat, providing an advantage in battles against tougher opponents. By using a ruined book in the crafting process, players can acquire these summoning spells and enhance their magical abilities.

It is worth noting that the ruined book is not the only ingredient needed to create spell tomes at the atronach forge. Players will also need other ingredients such as soul gems, daedra hearts, and various other items, depending on the specific spell tome they wish to create. These ingredients can be found throughout the game world or purchased from merchants.

In my personal experience playing Skyrim, I have found the atronach forge to be a valuable tool for enhancing my character’s magical abilities. Being able to summon powerful atronachs to aid me in combat has proven to be quite useful, especially when facing challenging enemies or engaging in large-scale battles. The ruined books, while seemingly insignificant on their own, play a crucial role in the crafting process and contribute to the overall gameplay experience.