Is Marved in Sentinels?

Answered by Jason Smith

Marved is a part of Sentinels, one of the top professional Valorant teams in the world. Marved joined the team in 2021 and has played a vital role in their success. He initially started as a Duelist player, known for his aggressive playstyle and ability to secure kills. However, as the team evolved and found their footing, Marved’s role within the team also evolved.

In the early stages, Sentinels experimented with different compositions and strategies to find the best fit for their team. Marved’s flexibility and adaptability allowed him to switch roles and play different agents based on the needs of the team. This showcased his versatility as a player and his willingness to adapt for the overall success of the team.

As the team continued to compete and participate in various tournaments, it became apparent that Marved’s strengths lie in the controller role. Controllers are agents that excel at area denial and crowd control, providing utility and support to the team. Marved’s ability to effectively use agents like Viper and Astra, with their smokes and zoning abilities, made him a valuable asset in controlling the pace of the game and denying enemy movements.

Sacy, another player on the team, also played a crucial role in the team’s success as an Initiator. Initiators are agents that excel at gathering information and initiating team fights. Sacy’s ability to scout and gather intel for the team, combined with Marved’s zoning and control abilities, created a strong foundation for Sentinels’ strategies.

In the final two weeks of the split, Sentinels seemed to have found their ideal composition and role distribution. Marved settled into the role of the team’s primary controller, utilizing agents like Viper and Astra to control the map and create advantageous situations for his teammates. Sacy continued to excel as an Initiator, providing valuable information and setting up plays for the team. pANcada, who had previously played as a Sentinel, took on the role of a secondary controller, providing additional utility and support.

This role distribution allowed Sentinels to develop a cohesive playstyle and maximize the strengths of each player. Marved’s ability to control the map and create strategic advantages, combined with Sacy’s information gathering and pANcada’s support, created a well-rounded team dynamic.

Marved is indeed a part of Sentinels and has settled into the role of a controller in the final two weeks of the split. His adaptability, versatility, and skill in utilizing controller agents have been instrumental in the team’s success. By effectively fulfilling his role, Marved has contributed to the overall strength and performance of Sentinels in the competitive Valorant scene.