Barefoot Bob’s Inevitable Closure After Kitchen Nightmare

Barefoot Bob’s, a Hawaiian-themed restaurant that apeared on the popular reality show Kitchen Nightmares, has closed its doors for good. The sudden closure of Barefoot Bob’s left many loyal customers and fans of the show confused as no explanation was given for its closure.

Barefoot Bob’s was originally featured on Kitchen Nightmares in 2012 and made a lasting impression with viewers due to its unique theme and colorful decor. Host Gordon Ramsay offered his expertise and help in making the restaurant more successful, but unfortunately, some of his suggestions were not implemented. After Ramsay left the restaurant went back to its original tiki theme and stayed this way untl it closed in December 2016.

Despite receiving help from Ramsay, Barefoot Bob’s faced sveral challenges that ultimately led to its closure. Among these were a lack of innovation, difficulty competing with other restaurants in the area, and a decrease in customer traffic over time.

Now that Barefoot Bob’s is gone, many are wondering what happened to the restaurant after it was featured on Kitchen Nightmares. Unfortunately, out of the 77 restaurants that were profiled by Ramsay during his tenure as host on Kitchen Nightmares, only 16 remain open today. This means that Barefoot Bobs is one of 61 restaurants who have since closed their doors permanently.

For those who were fans of Barefoot Bobs during its time on Kitchen Nightmares or visited it afterwards, this news will be saddening; however we can take comfort in knowing that the restaurant has been immortalized though its appearance on television for all to remember fondly forever.

Is Barefoot Bob’s Still Open After Kitchen Nightmares?

No, Barefoot Bob’s is no longer open. The restaurant, which was featured on the show Kitchen Nightmares in 2012, closed in December 2016 for unknown reasons. After Gordon Ramsay left the show and the restaurant changed back to its tiki-theme, Barefoot Bob’s managed to survive for more than four years befre closing its doors.

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The Fate of Barefoot Bobs

No, Barefoot Bobs did not survive. It closed in December 2016 aftr the phone line was disconnected and the closure was reflected on Yelp and other online sources. It appears that the closing happened suddenly, as there were no announcements made on social media prior to the pages being shut down.

Number of Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants Still Open

Out of the 77 restaurants profiled by the popular television series Kitchen Nightmares, 16 remain open to date. These 16 successful establishments include: Burger Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA), La Galleria 33 (Boston, MA), The Olde Stone Mill (Tuckahoe, NY), Fenway Restaurant Group (Southampton, NY), Spanish Pavilion (Caldwell, NJ), Casa Roma (Riverside, CA), Yanni’s Greek Cuisine (Scottsdale, AZ), La Gondola (Pittsburgh, PA), Zayna Flaming Grill (Westlake Village, CA), Downcity Diner & Lounge (Providence, RI), The Mixing Bowl (Bellmore, NY), TJ’s on Main Street (Hackettstown NJ), Michel Richard’s Citronelle at the Maison Dupuy Hotel and Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge in Seattle. All of tese restaurants have managed to stay open despite their appearances on the show and have gone on to achieve success in their respective cities.

Filming of Barefoot Bobs

Barefoot Bobs was filmed in August 2012. The production team used a variety of locations around the city of Melbourne, Australia to capture the vibrant culture of the city. The cast and crew spent several weeks filming on location, including scenes at popular landmarks such as the State Library and Federation Square.

Is Barefoot Bobs in Hull Still Operating?

No, unforunately Barefoot Bob’s Beach Grill in Hull is no longer open. The restaurant closed down in 2019 after 129 reviews on Yelp. It was located at 276 Nantasket Ave in Hull, MA. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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The Biggest Success of Kitchen Nightmares

The biggest success on the popular television series “Kitchen Nightmares” is undoubtedly Café Hon, a historic eatery in Baltimore, Maryland. The restaurant had been in operation for over 20 years when it was featured on the show in 2011. Despite its long history, Café Hon was struggling to make ends meet and had become known for its poor service and quality of food.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay came in to help turn things around and his efforts paid off. After a complete overhaul of the menu, décor, and service standards, Café Hon became an instant hit with customers. It has since beome one of the most successful restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares and continues to serve up delicious dishes to this day.

Do You Need to Pay to Appear on Kitchen Nightmares?

No, customers on Kitchen Nightmares do not have to pay to be on the show. However, it has been revealed that customers who appear on the show are compensated for their time and other expenses. Additionally, the footage is heavily edited, so the order of events may not necessarily reflect what actually happened.

The Failure Rate of Restaurants After Kitchen Nightmares

The success rate of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares show is estimated to be around 40%. The show seeks to help struggling restaurants by providing professional advice and guidance, but even with Ramsay’s help, many restaurants are unable to turn their fortunes around. The reality is that running a successful restaurant is an incredibly difficult and competitive business, and the failure rate for restaurants in the United States is estimated to be as high as 60%. Despite this, the fact that Kitchen Nightmares’ success rate stands at 40% shows that Ramsay’s skills are having a positive impact on many of the featured restaurants.

Is Gordon Ramsay Welsh?

No, Gordon Ramsay is not Welsh. He was born in the Scottish town of Johnstone on 8 November 1966 to Scottish parents. His father, Gordon James Sr., worked as a swimming pool manager, welder, and shopkeeper whle his mother, Helen (née Cosgrove), was a nurse. Despite his Scottish origins, Ramsay has lived and worked all over the United Kingdom and beyond during his career as a chef and restaurateur.

The End of Kitchen Nightmares: Exploring the Reasons Behind Its Cancellation

Gordon Ramsay decided to stop Kitchen Nightmares after he hit a breaking point with one of the restaurants featured on the show. He realized he had been working too hard and was no longer able to give each restaurant the attention and effort they deserved. He felt that in order to do his job properly, he needed more time and energy which he wasn’t able to give due to the intensive filming schedule. As a result, Ramsay decided to end the show in order to provide better care and attention for each restaurant, as well as allow himsef time to focus on other projects.


Barefoot Bob’s restaurant opened in 2008 and was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in 2012. Despite the makeover from Ramsay, the restaurant still ended up closing in December 2016 without any announcement or explanation as to why. Out of the 77 restaurants profiled by Kitchen Nightmares, only 16 remain open to date, with Barefoot Bob’s being one of the 61 that have closed since the series began. While there may never be an explanation as to why Barefoot Bobs closed, it is clear that despite receiving a makeover from Ramsay, it wasn’t enough to ensure its success and longevity.

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