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Are you looking to uncover the hidden treasures of Mondstadt? If so, then the Anemo Treasure Compass may be the perfect gadget for you! This innovative tool allows adventurers to search for nearby chests with ease. Not only does it make finding loot a breeze, but it can also help boost your reputation in Mondstadt.

So what is the Anemo Treasure Compass? The device functions by using wind currents and air pressure to determine locations of nearby chests. Additionally, it features a diagram that indicates which direction the chest can be found in and how far away it is. To unlock this helpful diagram, one must reach reputation level 6 within Mondstadt.

What can you do with an Anemo Treasure Compass? With this powerful gadget, you have the ability to uncover rare loot and explore previously unknown areas. You can also gain access to special events or challenges that are only available in certain regions of Mondstadt. Plus, you’ll get access to valuable resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The Anemo Treasure Compass is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking for adventure in Mondstadt. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just starting out on your journey, this tool will prove invaluable on your quest for treasure!

Where Is Anemo Treasure Compass?

The Anemo Treasure Compass is a Treasure Compass Gadget that can be used to search for nearby Chests in Mondstadt. The diagram can be obtained by reaching Reputation Level 6 in Mondstadt.

Does The Anemo Treasure Compass Break?

The Anemo treasure compass does not break. It is a very durable and reliable piece of equipment.

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What Do You Need To Make An Anemo Treasure Compass?

An Anemo treasure compass can be crafted with the following items:
– 10 Golden Raven Insignias
– 30 Philanemo Mushrooms
– 50 Crystal Chunks
– 50000 Mora

Where Do I Get Inazuma Treasure Compass?

The Electro Treasure Compass Blueprint can be acquired by reaching Reputation level 9 in Inazuma. You can raise your Reputation by doig Requests or Bounties in the region.

Anemo Treasure Compass GUIDE

Is The Geo Treasure Compass Permanent?

The Geo Treasure Compass is not permanent and will disappear after a certain amount of uses.

How Does The Treasure Compass Work?

The treasure compass works by detecting nearby unclaimed treasure chests and leading you to them with a golden wind-like effect. If you find a treasure when using it, it has a cooldown of 30 seconds, but if no treasure chests were nearby it only needs 5 seconds to reset.

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How Many Chests Are In Mondstadt?

There are a total of 598 chests located in Mondstadt. This number includes chests that can be found duing the Golden Apple Archipelago event in The Winding Homeward Way quest.

How Many Types Of Hydro Mimics Can The Oceanid Summon In Total?

The Oceanid can summon a total of 8 diffrent types of hydro mimics.

How Do You Craft Inazuma Treasure Compass Genshin?

To craft the Inazuma Treasure Compass Genshin, players will first need to reach Reputation Level 9 in Inazuma. Once they have reached this level, they can then purchase the Blueprint for the Compass from the shop.

Why Are There No Dragonspine Compasses?

The Dragonspine area is subject to a unique set of environmental conditions that can interfere with the proper functioning of traditional compass devices. The area’s Ley Lines, which are lines of energy that crisscross the planet, are particularly strong here and can case magnetic fluctuations in compass needles. Additionally, the high elevation and extreme temperatures can also affect compass accuracy.

Is There A Dragonspine Compass?

The Dragonspine region is a climate-affected area, so Treasure Compasses cnnot be used there.

How Do You Make Anemoculus Resonance Stone?

To make an Anemoculus resonance stone, you will need a Crafting blueprint called Instructions: Anemoculus Resonance Stone. This blueprint can be obtained as a Mondstadt reputation reward. Once you have the blueprint, open the Precious Items menu and select the Craft button. Then, select the Anemoculus resonance stone option and follow the on-screen instructions to craft the stone.

How Many Chests Are In Inazuma?

There are only four buried treasure chests arund the islands, but they are spread out over various locations.

Is There A Compass For Inazuma?

Yes, tere is a compass for Inazuma. The Electro Treasure Compass is a Gadget that can be used to search for nearby Chests in Inazuma and Enkanomiya.

How Do I Get The Electroculus Compass?

The Electroculus compass can be obtained as a reward from Inazuma Reputation Level 8. It can also be crafted uing the Blueprint and Precious Item menu.

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