Who is Meantime brewery owned by?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Meantime Brewing Company, a brewery located in Greenwich, London, England, is owned by Asahi Breweries, a major beer producer based in Japan. This acquisition took place in 2016 when Asahi Breweries purchased Meantime Brewing Company from its previous owner, SABMiller.

Asahi Breweries, one of Japan’s largest and oldest beer companies, has a rich history dating back to 1889. With a focus on producing high-quality beverages, Asahi Breweries has become a well-known name in the global brewing industry. Their acquisition of Meantime Brewing Company was part of their strategy to expand their presence in the international market.

Meantime Brewing Company, on the other hand, has its own unique story. It was founded in 1999 by Alastair Hook, who had a passion for brewing traditional British beer styles with a modern twist. Meantime quickly gained popularity for its innovative approach to brewing and its commitment to using only the finest ingredients. They became renowned for their range of craft beers, including lagers, ales, and porters.

The acquisition of Meantime Brewing Company by Asahi Breweries was a significant move for both companies. Asahi Breweries saw an opportunity to tap into the growing craft beer market and expand its portfolio of offerings. By acquiring Meantime, they gained access to a well-established brand with a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality.

For Meantime Brewing Company, being owned by Asahi Breweries meant access to greater resources and distribution networks. Asahi’s global presence and experience in the industry provided Meantime with the support needed to expand its reach beyond the UK market. It also allowed Meantime to continue brewing their innovative beers while benefiting from the expertise and backing of a larger parent company.

Since the acquisition, Meantime Brewing Company has continued to operate as an independent entity, maintaining its own unique identity and brewing methods. The collaboration between Meantime and Asahi Breweries has allowed for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and expertise, benefiting both parties.

Meantime Brewing Company is owned by Asahi Breweries, a leading Japanese beer producer. This acquisition has allowed both companies to leverage their strengths and expand their presence in the global beer market. Meantime continues to brew its distinctive craft beers while benefiting from the resources and support of its parent company.