What did Cersei do Tyene?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Cersei, in a calculated move to exact revenge upon Ellaria Sand for her role in the death of Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella, devised a cruel and agonizing fate for Tyene. After chaining both Ellaria and Tyene to opposite sides of a cell, Cersei took advantage of the opportunity to ensure that Ellaria would suffer through the slow and painful death of her own daughter.

With a sinister purpose in mind, Cersei deliberately chose to use the same poison that was used to kill Myrcella. This choice was not only a means of inflicting physical pain upon Tyene, but also a psychological torment for Ellaria, as she was forced to watch her own daughter suffer the same fate that she had inflicted upon Cersei’s child.

In a moment of chilling cruelty, Cersei leaned in and kissed Tyene, delivering the poison directly into her bloodstream. The poison would now work its way through Tyene’s body, causing immense pain and ultimately leading to her demise. It was a hauntingly poetic act, mirroring the loss and heartbreak that Cersei had experienced when Myrcella was taken from her.

Leaving Tyene to face her impending death, Cersei coldly walked away, ensuring that Ellaria was forced to witness the slow deterioration of her beloved daughter. This act of vengeance was not only meant to inflict physical suffering, but also to emotionally torment Ellaria, forcing her to confront the consequences of her own actions.

The deliberate choice of using the same poison that had taken Myrcella’s life was a calculated move on Cersei’s part. It was a way for her to demonstrate the cyclical nature of revenge and to show Ellaria the pain and loss she had caused. By using the same poison, Cersei sought to emphasize the direct link between the deaths of their respective daughters, further deepening the emotional anguish inflicted upon Ellaria.

The act of leaving Tyene to die in front of Ellaria’s eyes was a cruel and calculated move by Cersei. It was a way for her to assert her power and dominance over her enemy, ensuring that Ellaria would suffer the consequences of her actions. By forcing Ellaria to witness her daughter’s slow and painful death, Cersei aimed to exact a devastating emotional toll on her, forever etching the image of her daughter’s suffering into her consciousness.

In this act of revenge, Cersei demonstrated her capacity for cruelty and manipulation. She used the same poison that had taken her own daughter’s life to ensure that Ellaria would experience the same heart-wrenching pain. By leaving Tyene to die in front of Ellaria, Cersei ensured that her vengeance would be both physical and psychological, a haunting reminder of the consequences of crossing her.