How Zaila Avant Garde’s Parents Shaped a Spelling Bee Champ

Zaila Avant Garde, the incredible young talent who recently made headlines as the winner of the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee, has captured the hearts of people around the world with her remarkable achievements. But behind every successful individual is a supportive and nurturing family, and Zaila is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the parents who have played a crucial role in shaping Zaila’s journey to success.

Zaila’s parents, Alma Heard and Jawara Spacetime, have been instrumental in fostering their daughter’s passion and talent. While Alma still goes by her family name, Jawara made the decision to change his last name to Spacetime. This unique choice reflects his own individuality and perhaps serves as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for their daughter.

The family resides in Harvey, Louisiana, where they have chosen to homeschool Zaila and her siblings. This decision has allowed them to provide a personalized and tailored education, catering to Zaila’s specific needs, interests, and talents. It is through this homeschooling experience that Zaila’s remarkable journey began.

At the tender age of five, Zaila Avant Garde embarked on her first conquest – basketball. Encouraged and inspired by her father, Jawara Spacetime, Zaila began dribbling a basketball, showcasing her innate talent and dedication. This early introduction to the sport would prove to be a pivotal moment in her life, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

However, Zaila’s parents didn’t stop at basketball. They recognized her insatiable thirst for knowledge and encouraged her to explore various fields of interest. This led her to discover the world of competitive spelling bees, where she was able to showcase her exceptional linguistic skills and aptitude.

Jawara Spacetime, himself an accomplished individual, played a significant role in Zaila’s involvement in spelling bee contests. With his guidance and support, Zaila honed her spelling abilities and embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead her to become the first African American winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The Avant Garde family’s commitment to education, sports, and personal growth has undoubtedly shaped Zaila’s extraordinary journey. Their unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in her abilities have allowed her to flourish and achieve greatness at such a young age.

As Zaila Avant Garde continues to inspire and astonish the world with her exceptional talent, it is important to acknowledge the role her parents, Alma Heard and Jawara Spacetime, have played in her success. Their commitment to nurturing her passions and providing a nurturing environment has undoubtedly been instrumental in shaping her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Zaila’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that supportive parents can have on a child’s journey to success. As we celebrate her achievements, let us also acknowledge the dedication, love, and guidance provided by Alma Heard and Jawara Spacetime – two individuals who have played an integral role in shaping Zaila’s remarkable journey.

Who Is Zaila Avant Garde’s Dad?

Zaila Avant Garde’s father is Jawara Spacetime. He was previously known as Jawara Heard but changed his last name to Spacetime. Zaila’s mother, Alma Heard, has kept her family name.

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Where Is Zaila Avant Parents From?

Zaila Avant’s parents, Alma Heard and Jawara Spacetime, hail from Harvey, Louisiana. They reside in this city along with their daughter.

What Is Zaila Avant Garde Nationality?

Zaila Avant-garde is an American individual. She was born on February 9, 2007, and holds American nationality. Zaila is known for her exceptional talents in various fields, including spelling, basketball, and juggling.

Is Zaila Avant Garde Homeschooled?

Zaila Avant-garde is homeschooled. She was born in 2007 in Harvey, Louisiana, and her parents made the decision to homeschool her and her siblings. Homeschooling has proven to be a successful educational approach for Zaila, as evidenced by her impressive achievements.


Zaila Avant Garde’s parents, Alma Heard and Jawara Spacetime, have played a significant role in shaping her incredible journey as a spelling bee champion, basketball player, and juggler. Despite their different last names, Alma and Jawara have provided a supportive and nurturing environment for Zaila and her siblings through homeschooling. It was Jawara Spacetime who initially sparked Zaila’s interest in spelling bees, leading her to achieve remarkable success in the field. The Avant Garde family, residing in Harvey, Louisiana, has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Zaila’s accomplishments, fostering her talents and encouraging her to reach her full potential.

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