YP Announces Retirement from Barstool Gametime

Barstool Sports is a popular sports and entertainment media company known for its unique and often controversial content. One of the notable personalities associated with Barstool is Ben Friedman, also known as Young Pageviews or YP. However, recently, Friedman made a surprising announcement on Twitter about his retirement from Barstool Gametime, leaving many fans and followers curious about the reasons behind his decision.

Barstool Gametime was a segment of the larger Barstool Sports brand that focused on video game streaming and content creation. It provided a platform for Barstool personalities, including YP, to engage with their audience through live gaming sessions and discussions. Over the years, Barstool Gametime had gained a significant following, making it a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts and fans of the Barstool Sports brand.

In his Twitter announcement, Friedman expressed his retirement decision with a heavy heart. While he did not explicitly mention the reasons for his departure, it left many speculating about the possible factors that led to this outcome. It is important to note that Barstool Sports has a reputation for its fast-paced and often intense work environment, which can sometimes create tension among its employees.

Friedman’s departure from Barstool Gametime comes in the wake of another controversy involving a fellow Barstool personality, Francis Ellis. Francis had faced backlash for his inappropriate behavior towards a colleague, and Barstool’s response was swift – Francis was fired. This incident likely contributed to the overall atmosphere within the company, potentially influencing Friedman’s decision to retire.

Ben Friedman, also known as Young Pageviews, has been associated with Barstool Sports for quite some time. He has been an integral part of the Barstool community, often sharing his thoughts, experiences, and interactions with fans through various social media platforms. Friedman’s popularity grew as he hosted Barstool Outdoors, a show that fulfilled his long-standing dream of hosting his own outdoor program. However, it is unclear whether his retirement from Barstool Gametime also means the end of his involvement with Barstool Outdoors.

The departure of a prominent figure like Young Pageviews raises questions about the future of Barstool Gametime and the overall direction of Barstool Sports. With Friedman’s retirement, it remains to be seen how the company will adapt and continue to engage with its gaming audience. Barstool Sports has always been known for its ability to evolve and embrace new opportunities, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them fill the void left by YP with another talented individual.

Ben Friedman’s retirement from Barstool Gametime has left fans and followers of the Barstool Sports brand with mixed emotions. While the exact reasons behind his decision remain unclear, it is clear that his departure marks a significant change for both him and the Barstool community. As the company moves forward, it will be interesting to see how they navigate this transition and continue to entertain their audience through innovative content and personalities.

Did Smitty Get Fired From Barstool?

According to a tweet by Smitty on Twitter, he announced his retirement from Barstool Gametime. There is no explicit mention of him being fired from Barstool. However, without further information or clarification, it is difficult to definitively determine the reason behind Smitty’s retirement. It is important to note that retirement and being fired are two distinct situations, and without additional context, it is best to rely on the information provided.

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Who Is Ben Friedman?

Ben Friedman is a distinguished academic and economist, currently holding the position of the William Joseph Maier Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University. He has been a part of the Harvard faculty since 1972, and has also served as the Chairman of the Department of Economics.

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Who Started Barstool Outdoors?

Barstool Outdoors was started by Ben Friedman, also known as YoungPageviews, who had a long-standing desire to host his own outdoor show. He had been watching Saltwater Experience with his friend, where they would play different roles, with Ben playing me (presumably referring to himself) and his friend portraying Rich. This passion for outdoor shows and the inspiration from Saltwater Experience motivated Ben to create his own outdoor show, which eventually led to the inception of Barstool Outdoors.

Who Did Barstool Let Go?

Barstool recently made the decision to terminate the employment of Francis Ellis. Francis was a prominent member of the Barstool team, known for his contributions in various areas such as content creation, writing, and podcasting. However, in response to a controversial video that was subsequently deleted, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy announced in another video that Francis had been fired. The video in question was no longer available at the time of this writing. It is important to note that this information is accurate as of the time of writing and may be subject to change or updates.


The departure of Ben Friedman, also known as Young Pageviews, from Barstool Gametime marks the end of an era in his career. After 21 years of aspiring to have his own outdoor show, Friedman’s dream seemed to come true as he joined Barstool Outdoors. However, his time with the company was short-lived, as he recently announced his retirement from Barstool Gametime with a heavy heart.

Friedman’s passion for the outdoors and his desire to host his own show was evident throughout his time at Barstool. His dedication to the field was cultivated through years of watching outdoor shows like Saltwater Experience, where he would envision himself in the host’s shoes. It was this passion that led him to pursue a career in the outdoor industry and ultimately become a part of Barstool Outdoors.

Unfortunately, the excitement of joining the Barstool family was overshadowed by controversy involving Francis, another Barstool personality. Francis faced swift repercussions from the company after his actions, leading to his firing. Although Friedman’s retirement announcement did not explicitly state the reason for his departure, it is possible that the fallout from Francis’ actions played a role.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Friedman’s time at Barstool Gametime undoubtedly left a lasting impact on him and the fans who followed his journey. His dedication and enthusiasm for the outdoors were evident in his work, and it is clear that he will be missed by the Barstool community.

As Friedman moves forward from this chapter in his career, it is uncertain what the future holds for him. However, his passion for the outdoors and his desire to host his own show will undoubtedly continue to drive him towards new opportunities. Whether he decides to pursue his dreams independently or seek new ventures within the outdoor industry, one thing is certain – his love for the outdoors will never waver.

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