Will Luffy fight Shanks in red?

Answered by John Hunt

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At the moment, there is no indication in the One Piece storyline that Luffy will fight Shanks in the color red. In fact, Luffy and Shanks have a strong bond and mutual respect for each other. Shanks was one of the first pirates that Luffy encountered, and he inspired Luffy to become a pirate himself.

Throughout the series, Shanks has been portrayed as a mentor figure to Luffy, and their interactions have always been friendly and supportive. Shanks even entrusted Luffy with his Straw Hat, which has become an iconic symbol for both characters.

However, it’s important to note that One Piece is a dynamic and evolving story. As new arcs and sagas are introduced, the relationships between characters can change, and conflicts may arise. While it is unlikely, there is always a possibility that circumstances could lead to Luffy and Shanks having conflicting interests or being on opposing sides of a future conflict.

If such a situation were to occur, it could potentially lead to a fight between Luffy and Shanks. The color red may or may not be significant in this hypothetical battle, as colors often have symbolic meanings in the world of One Piece. However, without any specific information or foreshadowing from the manga or anime, it is purely speculation to suggest that a fight between Luffy and Shanks in the color red will happen.

Ultimately, it’s up to the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, to decide the direction of the story and the fate of its characters. Until any official announcements or developments occur, fans can only speculate about potential future conflicts between Luffy and Shanks.