How was Accelerator defeated?

Answered by John Hunt

Well, let me start by saying that Accelerator’s defeat was a pretty intense and heartbreaking event. It happened when he was brought to a hospital after sustaining serious injuries during a battle. The person who brought him there was Heaven Canceller, a doctor known for his expertise in treating esper-related injuries.

When I arrived at the hospital, Heaven Canceller informed me that the bullet fragments in Accelerator’s skull had caused severe damage to his computation, mobility, and language abilities. In other words, he was effectively crippled. It was devastating to hear that someone as powerful and formidable as Accelerator could be rendered so helpless.

The damage to Accelerator’s computation abilities meant that his ability to process information and make calculations was severely impaired. This was a huge blow, as his ability to manipulate vectors relied heavily on his computational skills. Without them, he was unable to effectively control his powers and defend himself.

Furthermore, his mobility was also affected. Accelerator was known for his incredible speed and agility, which allowed him to swiftly dodge attacks and counter his opponents. However, with his mobility impaired, he was unable to move as freely as before, making him an easy target for his enemies.

To make matters even worse, his language abilities were also compromised. This meant that he had difficulty communicating and expressing himself. For someone as intelligent and eloquent as Accelerator, losing this ability was undoubtedly frustrating and isolating.

The combination of these impairments left Accelerator in a vulnerable and weakened state. He was no longer the unstoppable force he once was, and it was a harsh reality to accept. His defeat served as a reminder of the fragility of even the most powerful individuals.

Accelerator’s defeat was a result of the bullet fragments in his skull causing extensive damage to his computation, mobility, and language abilities. These impairments effectively crippled him, leaving him vulnerable and unable to utilize his formidable powers. It was a tragic turn of events for such a powerful and complex character.