Will Kobayashi get a season 3?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Based on the popularity and success of the first two seasons, it is highly likely that Kobayashi will get a third season. The Dragon Maid series has garnered a large and dedicated fanbase since its initial release, and the demand for more content is evident.

The third season would most likely continue the story from where the second season left off, which is the Dragon Ball story arc from Volume 8 of the manga. This arc takes Kobayashi, Tohru, Shouta, and Lucoa to England, where Shouta attends a one-day magic school. This new setting provides a fresh and exciting backdrop for new adventures and challenges for the characters.

Adapting the Dragon Ball story arc would allow the anime to explore the magical world in more depth and introduce new characters and magical creatures. It would also provide an opportunity for character development, especially for Shouta, as he delves deeper into his magical abilities and encounters various magical beings.

One of the strengths of the Dragon Maid series is its ability to blend comedy and heartwarming moments with a touch of fantasy. The third season would likely continue this trend, delivering a mix of lighthearted and emotional episodes that resonate with the viewers. The dynamic between Kobayashi and the dragons, as well as the budding friendships between the characters, would continue to be a central focus of the show.

In terms of animation and artwork, fans can expect the same high quality that has been consistent throughout the series. The vibrant and colorful visuals, along with the expressive character designs, have been a standout feature of the show. The animation studio responsible for the previous seasons, Kyoto Animation, is known for its attention to detail and ability to bring the source material to life.

Based on the popularity of the series and the potential for further story development, it is highly likely that Kobayashi will receive a third season. Fans can look forward to more magical adventures, comedic moments, and heartwarming interactions between the characters.